The Wonderful Travel Tips in Germany: Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf is now known as the fashion capital of Germany. The city has fascinating architecture, and a vibrant nightlife. Being one of the richest cities in the country, the place is very interesting.

But things were not always so, after the destruction caused by war, Düsseldorf needed to recover and rebuild. Today with an avenue surrounded by luxury boutiques, the city is still the meeting point of major multinationals that offer in skyscrapers. Telecommunication center in the country, the city also has internet service providers and mobile phone market.

There are still several advertising agencies in Düsseldorf, among them the BBDO Group, Publicis Group and Grey Group. Affiliates of foreign agencies such as Ogilvy & Mather are also there.

With national and international financial institutions, insurance agencies and one of the largest stock exchanges in Germany, the city is still home to publishers. Companies like L’Oréal Germany and ThyssenKrupp among many other names have spaces in their city. In addition, many Japanese banks and corporations also have their European headquarters in Düsseldorf.

Jewelers of great reputation, renown brand names and brands of major galleries have stores there.

For sightseeing valid Aquazoo know, a zoo water that is the feeling among children. Museums and theaters are part of the cultural options. The Palace of Culture in Ehrenfeld (Kunstpalast am Ehrenfeld), the Academy of Arts and Museums K20 and K21, are great for those seeking knowledge requested.

Düsseldorf is also known as the Tokyo with his second largest colony Nipponese country. Culture, cuisine, temple and school with Japanese traditions can be found in the city.

In the central district there are several bars. To get an idea, Düsseldorf takes the title of “biggest beer bar in the world”.

Beyond all the glamor, culture and beers, the city of Dusseldorf also has shipping high quality: the site is among the cities with the best and most efficient transport networks around the world, thanks to its great and unparalleled systems public transport.

Now that you know well the curiosities of Dusseldorf, you can now venture out and experience all that the city offers!