Trip Tips: Newport Wales

Tourist Cities From UK: Visit The City Of Newport in Wales

Newport is the third most important city of the principality of Wales, which is situated to the south and that belongs to the UK. However has a full political independence in relation to Britain. Located between the river banks URK, the town of Newport now has just over 140,000 inhabitants, and that in his minority speak Welsh, the second official language, since the former remains the English language. The Wales and all its cities, was formed and populated by people Celtiberian and even has undergone various barbarian invasions, managed to keep the language and habits that attacked his neighbors also failed to keep.

Newport although it is a relatively small city compared to many others within the UK and Europe, presents a range of possibilities as historical and natural attractions. Visitors can start planning your stay in hotels that are true medieval castles located in a more urbanized.

While in Newport, one can visit the National Roman Legion Museum, where you can stay if you want even a whole day due to what is offered at the museum. The National Roman Legion Museum offers natural pools where you can bathe as in Roman times, besides possessing amazing collections with objects that refer to the time of formation of the country. Not to mention that the attraction is completely free.

Another tour option is to visit the bridges of Newport referring to the times when the region got its explosion and economic development. Visit the Newport Transporter Bridge is both fascinating of modern architecture since the time of industrialization in Europe, while it presents a grand landscape and breathtaking, especially those who love the dynamism of industrialization.

Also visit the Tredegar House, a home that houses the history of the monarchy in Wales, as was the villa of Charles I in the seventeenth century. However the architectural construction date before the fifteenth century and holds details of several passages towering figures of royalty Wales. Worth checking out.