Trip Tips to the Black Forest in Germany

In the extreme southwest of Germany is located at Black Forest (or Schwarzwald in German), a mountain range with a large nature reserve with over 200 km long and 60 km wide. The place has lakes, rivers, trails, lots of nature and an amusement park.

The forest that served as inspiration for the most famous fairy tales of the world is the natural setting for an extraordinary journey. With script attractions that resemble magical tales options are pedaling on electric bicycles, and hiking among the giant trees, or a little visit a museum of teddy bears, all with a medieval style.

For starters, if you want to practice E-bike, the Black Forest has 35 stations rental electric bike only in Freudenstadt and other 170 recharging stations distributed in restaurants and cafes. Another environmentally friendly transportation option is the Segway, an electric vehicle that has two engines, where it is possible to travel on foot, controlling maneuvers with his own body.

Another attraction is the historic towns: with more than 300 options in the vicinity, the Black Forest has addresses that are worth a little visit: their villages do not need more than two horinhas to be explored. To give you an idea, the ruins of a 12th century monastery of Gothic style can be appreciated.

Another option are the scenographic roads of Germany, Schwarzwaldhochstraße, known as “Scenic Route”. There is also the route of the type cuckoo clocks. With 300 km in length, are in the way, museums, workshops and ateliers. On there you can find the highest clock (this genre) worldwide. The copy has more than 15 meters high. To the south, you can visit a museum with a collection that tells the story of the Black Forest cuckoo.

Between tracks can be found extensive green areas preserved and isolated, where it is common to locate cemeteries scattered trees, whose pruning is prohibited under the laws of environmental protection.

And to top it off, there is the Museum of Teddy Bears and Plush-Oldiethek for the Germans. It houses more than a thousand stuffed animals from around the world. The oldest example is Centennial.

To eat, you can opt for the real Black Forest Cake that can be found in many bakeries in the area.