Tribal Tattoos, Meanings and What to Do?

Tribal, as its name suggests, comes from the word “tribe”, referring to the style of tattoo done by various tribes. The tribal style, as seen today, was popularized in the 1990s due to its flexibility and dynamism. One can illustrate any subject in tribal style, meaning or not, just to fill some space or correct any imperfections.

Been gaining new adaptations as tattoo artists tried to copy the tattoos that observed in members of tribes who worshiped the marks on the skin and came to have much of their bodies covered by ink.

The Celtic tattoos are an example of tribal tattoo and are among the most sought after by both men and women. Usually contain crosses as a central element, sharing with triangles, floral and other symbols that exhibit a symmetrical figure. This harmony of shapes is possible only through the hands of a professional.
The frequent use of black in tattoos is due to the way tribal civilizations its pigment obtained, usually by mixing water with soot obtained by burning wood, leaves or animal bones, less common, used in rituals.

Finding the perfect Celtic tattoo can be a long process. A lot done in studios is the four-leaf clover, known to represent a lucky charm. According to tradition, each sheet has a meaning: one means hope, one faith, the third love and the fourth luck, so its special attribute.

The Tattoo Triskelion is identified with the the celtic trinity. The name comes from the Greek meaning “three legs”. It can be intertwined spirals formed by three by three legs, or other insignia to convey the idea ratio and rotation. May have different versions, all conveying the same concept: Spirit, Mind, Body, Father, Son, Holy Spirit Mother, Father, Son, Past, Present, Future.

Also in Celtic culture, the crow is strongly linked to the mythology and legends and so it was tattooed. One says that the Celtic goddess Morrigan descended on the battlefield in the form of hundreds of crows, consuming the souls of warriors fallen in battle and carrying them to an appropriate place. Ravens are also associated with the god Lug, which gain a prophetic ability. God warned about the invasions and gave him the information needed for it to plan military strategies.