The Best Travel Tips to Germany: Hamburg

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany. Very famous for its port, Hamburg is popular for its liberal culture, for their clubs, casinos and musicals. To get a sense of the city, embark on a tour of the boats that are in harbor.

Ashore, with a short walk, you can reach the city center.

For art lovers, the playhouse more interesting is the Kunsthalle, which has important medieval and modern works.

With trendy nightlife, the city also has museums and Cap San Diego sailboat Rickmer Rickmers. Its transportation network provides subway, bus and trans (electric trains) covering the entire city.

The site offers pubs, cafes, museums, theaters and restaurants. In addition, there is music, galleries and traditional erotic shows. In Reeperbahn is the only wax museum in Germany, the Panoptikum, which displays figures from history: politicians and artists.

Another meeting point is the Fish Market, the oldest of Hamburg, which has operated since 1703. The location is unique and can be seen even before sunrise. The space resembles an auction due to the clamor of the stall-holders trying to sell all kinds of seafood: the common to the most exotic.

The City Hall, Rathaus, built between 1886-1897 in neo-Renaissance style, has 647 rooms that can be visited upon entry.

Among the churches, Hamburg offers St. Michaeliskirche, baroque church built between 1751-1762. The St. Katharinenkirche (made in 1350 and 1420) and St. Jakobskirche, founded in the thirteenth century.

For the adventurous, there is the Hamburg Dungeon, a kind of ghost ship whose main attraction take the visitor on a journey to all disasters imaginable, for the eighteenth century. Between the crossing points of the “ghost ship” are some fires, and floods, beheadings and torture. A journey of true horror, but all fake.

On transport, know that Hamburg is possible to buy one card that entitles the free public transport and the reduction in values ​​of entries in some cultural spots such as theaters, museums and parks. The card can be purchased at the tourist information offices in Hamburg, and some hotels and also the Hamburg-hotline.