Travel Tips: Cardiff Capital of Wales

UK Tourist Cities: Do not Leave From Visit The Capital Of Wales, Cardiff

Located on the peninsula of Britain, Cardiff is the capital of Wales, the UK independent principality that borders with England to the Bristol Channel and the Irish Sea. The city has about 300,000 inhabitants, has a mild climate and mountainous geography. Much appreciated by visitors, is a city that reflects its history and culture – basically, was founded by the ancient Romans, which left deep traces in architecture, arts and culture as a whole. However, the language that remained was left by ancient Celtiberian, who left the legacy of the Welsh language.

The Cardiff city became the capital of Wales in 1955, and came to symbolize the new political moment for which penetrated the principality, which has not measured his efforts to turn the image of England. The region is populated by castles and forts dating back to medieval remnants. Well worth spending more than two or three days in the city and prepare a script that is capable of accomplishing a visitation at least in the main castles and museums throughout the city.

The first to be visited is the castle which gives its name to the city: Cardiff Castle. It is one of the most visited by tourists and is located in the heart of Cardiff. The castle rose from the construction of a Norman tower under a Roman fort, and has suffered successive enlargements until 1868, all carved in Victorian Gothic style.

Very close there is another castle located also stunning beauty, Caerphilly Castle, seems to have been one of the last to be built in the area, and before the regime of Edward I. Built on top of a hill, favored the presence of archers in place, so they could readily attack the invaders. Besides its grandeur molded stones, the castle is surrounded by a lake!

Another tourist attraction is the Cardiff market where you can taste local delicacies, while we observe the Cardiff Bay. Worth organizing to give so many natural beauties and secular architectural that are present in this wonderful city.