Tips to Make a Perfect Bride’s Day

One of the most important days of a woman’s life is the day of the bride and of course one of the most nervous too. Most women can barely sleep the night before that predates the famous “Bride’s Day“, because they want everything to go right and the bride is the most beautiful woman in marriage, consequently. The great and famous bride’s day is the day that every woman receives treatment and care needed to be properly beautiful and wonderful for your dreamed wedding.

For this it is very important to stay calm, very difficult, because soon it will be the most important day of your life, but nothing to do with the nervousness really sure. You women should completely relax and enjoy your wedding day, because for many women, the next day the bride will be only their daughters or granddaughters. So enjoy your day and let the professionals you trust to do the job right, but stay tuned, because we really have to leave everything the way you planned wedding, with quiet joy, everything flows properly, to shine in altar and will impress all your guests.


The first step to be established, is the arrival time for the bride and photographer. Many brides end up coming very soon to make room for the bride’s day complete, be careful, remember that the wedding is very stressful and goes into the wee hours, divide steps for days before the event. On the wedding day, try to wake up late and make a beautiful and fancy lunch. Photographers normally reach the making of 3 hours before the scheduled time for the ceremony, with this weather, to play a little with the dress, jewelry, shoes and all other accessories that are part of your big day, it is your wedding.

A very interesting tip for brides, the dress is always take on a swivel hanger, those with the head of the hanger rotates well and has more options of places to photograph the dress. Depending on the salon, you can anticipate the time of the wedding, it is important for the bride to know the exact time of the start of makeup to precisely tell your photographer to do anything wrong. During the making of, worth taking cereal bars, eat again until the bride takes a lot, so it’s always good to be fed, it also applies to the team that accompanies it, energy is a key element of success at the time of the photos.

Choose a specific room for photos, find a location that is well lit and very spacious especially since the bride, makeup artist, hair stylist, assistant makeup artist, photographer, videographer and assistant occupy the same space and can be uncomfortable and affect the photos Also. Air conditioning in the room is essential, because the heat and makeup are not allies and did not match at all. The more beautiful the room is, the better the choices of places to explore photos of the bride and that is what makes the difference in the salon. Beware of sites that show the bride’s room, but do not use makeup for the bride, only to change, the bride’s room helps a lot in photos and makes a lot more comfortable, always look for a place that has that room.