See These Polemics Tattoos

Some people choose unusual locations for tattooing: palms, soles and lips. These regions generate discussion and controversy about the risks, mainly arising from medical supporters of alternative natural medicine, such as acupuncture. The procedure can even be done, however, require care and attention. The applicant should seek an acupuncturist to know the nerve endings and which parts of the body they affect, and only then choose a tattoo artist who has experience and knows how to respect the reflective points.

In the hands, usually are phrases tattooed on the sides and designs that simulate rings or small symbols. A biggest concern arises when the tattoo is done on the palm, since the member is full of nerve endings that are reflected throughout the body. A point when stimulated properly can contribute to the health of theĀ organism, aiding in the treatment of migraine headaches, digestive disorders, anxiety. Similarly, if stimulated wrongly or is injured, it may cause malfunctions in the body.

Another important issue is that the hand is in contact with numerous objects contaminated with bacteria, which can cause an infection, and is always in constant motion hindering the healing tattoo.
The same observations should be taken into account when the place is tattooed foot, also full of sensitive nerve endings. The natural medicines such as acupuncture and reflexology, study these points for years and prove their influence in areas of the body.

The danger of contamination (bacteria and dirt) is just one of the possible complications of getting a tattoo on foot. The other is that the region, often by being closed and sweating, slow healing, and still has accelerated cell reproduction. This means that the pigment does not last, and in less than a year, you need to retouch. As the dead skin of the foot is very thick, it is also difficult tattoo hairlines and delineated.
This short time duration of the color the lips occurs in the same way. In Nigeria (Africa), the latest fashion men are tattooing the lower lips of red or pink. It’s like a kind of permanent lipstick. Men between 18 and 25 years-old have crowded the tattoo studios.

The techniques and pigments are the same used in a common tattoo and second Nigerians, the more pink mouth stay, will be more attractive to women.