What Does the Moon in the Signs?

When examining the horoscope of a person, it is necessary to extract various information about life as well as his character, his frame of mind, emotional and even physical behavior at the events that will permeate throughout your life. The sun sign is usually determined by the sign in which the Sun should meet at the time of his birth. And as the sun travels one degree per day for 30 days it remains in a sign about. Therefore it is very easy to determine the person’s sun sign and even to the most skeptical may know his.

What the moon interferes in our lives

The moon is our natural satellite, runs throughout its revolution around the Earth in 28 days, thus spends about two and half days in each sign, therefore it is very difficult to know where you will meet the Moon in our birth chart, except that there will be a series of complicated calculations that the astrologer can do to draw the maps. After all what is the importance of the moon on our map?

If the sun is considered masculine, the moon is feminine, representing our childhood, our home and our mother’s breast. In childhood is that shapes and molds our entire self image. And snuggles baby in the womb which is represented using the astrological moon, moon and that it will depend for its development both emotional and sentimental. It is considered the element of water, milk, elements that are representatives of the moon.

Thus, once the baby is born, he will go to his mother’s lap to receive warmth, food and shelter. The moon represents our psychic side lower, bringing part of the personality of the person, and therewith psychologists are well aware that childhood trauma should be hidden in our subconscious forever.

Through the lunar sign is possible to conclude the type of mother and child where he spent his early life.

How to Know the Rising Sign?

The Rising Sign is nothing more than the sign that appears on the horizon when you were born, it will set your self that comes to the outside world and can make you look the way you see the world the way you think as well as expressed.

Normally the sun sign and rising sign also of a person are quite different, and for this reason his ascendant is a mask, with attitudes and opinions that will show the world that are still small and disguises a way you may have to find and hide their true personality.

What is up?

The Ascendant is one of four reference points of the horoscope, called the ancestors, descendants, the middle of the sky and the sky background. The horoscope is usually cut by two axes, where one of them is called Axis Midheaven / Fund of heaven ie those that are oriented vertically, and another horizontal positioning, and axes Ascending / Descending. Both are basic elements of philosophy as astrology. And when analyzing the horoscope of a person. If by chance you want to see how she is, and how is your individuality, your temperament type physique, should take into account where your ancestor. The rising sign is always placed in one of the twelve signs of the zodiac, so this is our rising sign.

The rising sign should set the temperament of the people only, which can vary greatly, you can find Sagittarians for example, very different from the characteristics of your sign as caught by their ancestors, others it does not interfere, because of this all depends on person to person but should also help to understand human behavior.

How to calculate

First you need to check whether The child was born in summer time, then make adjustments and use real time, reducing the time one hour of birth.

Then each state should be added or decrease a few minutes, then you can see the sun sign, here are some calculators for this purpose.

Characteristics of the Sign of Sagittarius

General characteristics, which Sagittarius likes and dislikes.

Sagittarians are people positivist by nature, are very intelligent, honest, sincere and friendly. People tend to be very optimistic, modest and have a great sense of humor, even hours inadequate.

Often they are so optimistic as to be irresponsible people who may still be superficial, careless and restless.

Sagittarians love of freedom, travel, laws, adventure and even the ability to understand several general issues.

What he dislikes and abhors is to feel trapped in a certain situation, and having to worry about details.

As described Sagittarius

Sagittarius is considered one of the most positive signs of the zodiac. People are very versatile that they can delight and adventures and much still unknown. Counting always with an open mind to new ideas and ideals, always count on an optimistic attitude even when things are going tough. People are very reliable and honest, good, sincere and always willing to help and fight for your friends and coworkers for good things at all costs.

The natives of Sagittarius are usually still believe in ethics and like to follow some religious rites often, or a political party. What can lead to the tendency to have certain superstitions. These are people who delight easily inda with new projects and learn about new things. People are very good organizers and intuitive design, generous and very careful steps we usually give, which may give them an air of good managers of projects and also situations.

Some Sagittarians have a temper, which may appear when you least expect it, in situations which for most people is not important. They are very impatient when others do not follow their paces. Besides being able to sacrifice to accomplish a certain goal, which means that they often can be too demanding.

The various skills of Sagittarians, cause they can succeed in a large number of professions. They are excellent teachers, preachers and even your ability to search on subjects unknown make them excellent scientists.

Characteristics of the Zodiac Cancer

Why have a totally positive side, Cancerians are highly emotional people, loving, protective and sympathetic. A Cancerian often rely too much imagination and intuition all they need to face the world. They know when they need to be cautious.

They come with a downside, and has a tendency to exaggerated mood. They are very calculating, disordered and yet compassionate self. Usually change a lot of humor and are very sensitive. Moreover they usually leave a certain situation with difficulty.

What Cancerians like and dislike?

They like to always have access to your home, the field, the children still like to enjoy their hobby, and he likes very feasts. The Cancerian still very fond of novels.

Cancers do not like to rely on others fail, advice or situations that may be conflicting. They do not like people who can counter him and always being told what they can or can not do.

How can you describe the Cancerian

The Cancerian character has the most confusing of all the horoscope. Both can be shy and dull, but also very communicative. Are conservative and love the security guards, and even the warmth of the home. For men Cancerians, as the home is your nest, a refuge where to go when the stress of the work is in excess. The house of a Cancerian still tends to be their refuge person, more than a showcase that can dazzle others.

He understands that there are many moments to be sociable and not others, this is one of the contradictions of her character. Since usually always be determined, tough, stubborn, yet tenacious and energetic, wise and intuitive. Those who know him closely will see a totally different person, especially someone who is sensitive to people like that. They know very well still identify situations of others, for his great ability of imagination. Often tend to be too fancy and still intend to build a life following a romantic ideal. Usually enjoy arts, music and even literature, especially drama of action, thus having a strong artistic talent.

Characteristics of Aquarius Zodiac

The native aquarium, usually very friendly and humanitarian. Honest and yet totally loyal, are unique, bright and very independent and intellectual. On the negative side, we can expect an Aquarian unpredictable, and that tends to contradict everything and everyone just to satisfy their wishes. It’s a little emotional person and still does not understand the feelings even of his neighbor, often ends up betraying his friends.

Aquarians like to always fight for good causes, planning a happy future depending on other people and also learn from the past with good friends who were, and have fun a lot.

Aquarians tend to not like empty promises, and still feel alone. Do not like the everyday and yet the imitations. They prefer to see all the possibilities that exist at specific points.

The most salient features of the sign

Aquarians often have the temperament strongest zodiac, being very attractive, there are two types of Aquarians, one is quite shy, sensitive and yet patient, since the other one is exuberant, alive and may even get to hide their real intentions in the depths of his personality that can even make you a dangerous person.

Both types of Aquarians have a strength of conviction and truth very strong and present in your life, who know are very honest change of opinion since appearing evidence showing the opposite of what they thought before, but what was said is law. Aquarians are still able to see both sides of arguments, which may make them tolerant and unprejudiced. Always open to truth are always looking to learn from people.

Aquarians often still somewhat human, sincere and refined, and idealistic. Do you know a person to be very persevering, and still express themselves with reason, moderation, and often with a great sense of humor. Most Aquarians are intelligent, clear and logical too. Many of them are great and imaginative psychic for several moments feel forced to withdraw from the world to meditate or even think.

Characteristics of Capricorn Zodiac

Capricorns have many good points in his temperament, for example, are still ambitious and disciplined, often practical, prudent and have an unparalleled patience, and even in some cases cautious when necessary. They have a good sense of humor, and people are still undisclosed.

With its downside, Capricorns tend to be people with pessimistic tendencies and even before the situations that may be more difficult are somewhat fatalistic. They are often totally altruistic costing them be generous and do favors for people.

Capricorns like to count on the reliability, professionalism, a solid base of work, besides having different goals and leadership.

Capricorns usually do not like plans that are impractical, fanciful and frivolous people who border on the ridiculous.

Characteristics described in a native of the capricorn

The sign of Capricorn, is usually one of the zodiac signs that are more stable, peaceful and safe. Although often be the reverse. Are people really working, responsible, practical, and still willing to continue when it is necessary to achieve a certain goal. People are quite reliable, and often still have a role to projects that are initiated by other signs more pioneers. They love good music.

Leaders Capricorns, require much of your employees, family and friends also, although this only by demanding that are themselves not by some other factor. Usually they are just people, and are not among the happiest of the zodiac, having often the tendency to melancholy and pessimism. When a Capricorn suffers from depression need to seek much help, and indeed a Capricorn must always try to have an emotional stability that can be gained through meditation, breathing, or even activities that can help you relax and not lose control of all their emotions.

Managers are good, honest, respecting or even demanding discipline of its professionals. They are very stubborn and still able to put before family, work and everything else on their own desires and needs too, are great entrepreneurs.