Travel Tips for the United States: Washington D.C.

Founded in mid 1971, Washington is the capital of the United States, there are the official premises of the president and the entire government.

Busy center political, economic and cultural, the city also has its tourist side. But once the bureaucratic side of the city spoke louder, it just recently passed the tourists to choose the capital as a place to visit.

With a population of 601 000 inhabitants, Washington is a city of temperate climate most of the year.

The administrative center of the country is located in a region known as the Mall and its surroundings are the historical monuments, obelisks, etc..

The most important and most visited city is the Capitol (Building Congress), more forward about 3 km is the White House, the official residence of the President.

The city has the shape of a large square, its corners are directed to the north, south, east and west. All divided into quadrants and the center is the Capitol.

The traffic in the city contrary to what many people think is fairly quiet, traffic jams are rare and there are many places to park. The metro and bus lines work perfectly and can also be used by tourists quietly, since the stops are very well located.

The monuments and memorials surrounding the city are places to visit, including: Jefferson Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument.

The Jefferson Memorial is considered the best monument located in the city, occupies the corner more beautiful. Is between the Potomac River and the Tidal Basin Lake. During the summer it is much frequented by tourists, ideal for walking or cycling admiring the scenery.

The Lincoln Memorial is another place where visitation is mandatory, it was built as a tribute to the most important political figure in the history of the United States. The architecture is inspired by the palaces all Greeks, full of columns and surrounded by beautifully manicured green lawns.

Inside the memorial is a statue that has gigantic proportions, is the image of the president seated on a throne. It is one of the icons of the city.

The world’s largest library the Library of Congress is also located in the American capital, this true historical treasure can be visited by all.

Travel Tips for Orlando, Florida

Orlando is a famous American city that is located in the state of Florida, is located southeast of the country.

Nowadays the city can be considered a major financial center, primarily because of the significant local growth, which certainly include tourists.

The city of Orlando is considered a real world reference in tourist attractions, it is almost impossible to find someone who I have never heard of its theme parks.

The Walt Disney Worl Resort attracts every year about two million tourists. The parks have dimensions that are impressive, as well as its attractions. Altogether there are four parks: Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdon.

The principal is the Magic Kingdom, it is possible to find the characters of drawings, visit the Cinderella Castle, the home of the couple of rats world’s most famous Minnie and Mickey and still watch the parade that happens 4 times a day. The Animal Kingdon is the largest in size, has a large vegetation that mimics the jungle. The Hollywood Studios has toys, you can watch shows, etc.. Already Epicot is a park that brings together all nationalities within it, you can eat in French restaurants, Italian or visit shops with typical objects of Germany. SeaWorld is ideal for those who love the sea, you can visit species or have fun in the beach 7435 meters square.

Undoubtedly, Orlando is known as a magical city, much tourists visit more than once, as it is virtually impossible to appreciate everything in a short time.

The entertainment capital of the world offers a lot of hotels, all very well prepared and well equipped to receive tourists. The transport is not a problem, there are specific lines for each park.

Outside the park there is also much to see the largest restaurant chain Hard Rock Cafe Orlando, the decor of the place is a show piece, fully acclimated with furniture, clothes, objects and instruments to big rockstars. Also, the food is very good.

Orlando is also possible to make good shopping, International Drive has two great Prime and Premium Outlets, the Mall Florida Mall is the city’s oldest, since the Mall At Millenia is newer, very sophisticated and has the leading global brands.

Overall the city is very welcoming, always very busy because of the parks, but it’s a visit and both.

Travel Tips for New York City

Most people wait anxiously for the vacation to be able to travel and enjoy a little time off.

Each person has a specific place that dreams knowing one day course that location varies because each has a different taste. And contrary to what many people think the major urban centers attract many tourists throughout the year.

Among the major urban destinations around the world, no doubt New York has much to offer. It is estimated that approximately 29 million tourists annually visit the “Big Apple” nickname is known as the city.

New York is famous for being home to people of various nationalities, its heavy traffic, crowded streets and beautiful buildings. The city is located in the northeast of the country, the United States and is divided into five districts: Manhanttan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island. These are districts with islands separated by water, put your connection is via the subway lines, tunnels and bridges. And New York is the main central island where everything happens.

Like any big city the traffic is heavy, so the best way to visit the city is to use the public transport, trains, taxis and buses are the best options.

New York City is a highly attractive, there is a range of options when it comes to entertainment.

Historical monuments, museums, restaurants, famous avenues and parks are the main attractions. The statue of Liberty is possible to see the entire city of New York and New Jersey, the site receives thousands of tourists all year round.

The most famous intersection in the world is also situated in the Big Apple, the convergence of Broadway cin 42nd street, Times Square so “Corner of the World”. It is considered the best place to people watch, brightly lit by signs and bustling with tourists, the site is one of the most coveted to spend the new year.

Already the Central Park is a park full of trees, lawns, with waterways and greenery. It is located in the city center, so around you can give a lot of architecture from hundreds of skyscrapers.

New York is certainly one of the cities in the world where life happens 24 hours, people do not stop.

Travel Tips for Miami, Florida

Undoubtedly the most visited city by tourists worldwide is Miami. The city has a different climate is hot during most of the year and makes little cold. This atmosphere blends perfectly well with its beautiful beaches.

The city of Miami has about 2 million inhabitants, although most of them are Cuban immigrants.

Since 1920, Miami is a famous and important American tourist hub, the beauty of its beaches and landscapes ensures visitors all year round.

During the winter people from other parts of America, Miami seeking to escape the bitter cold and snow, after all, the city has a much less rigorous winter.

An interesting feature of Miami is the language, English and Spanish are the most spoken by the local population, Spanish is very active due to the large amount of Hispanic-Americans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans and Mexicans.

The beaches are certainly the right point of most tourists, South Beach is one of the most famous, frequented by young and beautiful is a great tour, especially the sidewalk of Ocean Drive, an important avenue of the city.

Miami also has one of the largest ports in the United States, “Dante B. F Fascell Port Miami “also receives cruise coming from all over the world come to receive more than 3 million passengers annually.

Tourism in the city is very strong, people from every corner looking the beautiful beaches, the famous festivals, the shopping centers and conventions that often happen in Miami.

Being the main cultural spots in Miami’s Design District, which is an area with 5 km to the north of Downtown, it is possible to find several art galleries, clothing stores, articles for decoration and especially restaurants.

Among the main cultural and tourist Miami have the historic district Coral Gables, the promenade of Lincoln Road, the historic Art Deco District, the Miami Science Museum, etc..

Miami is a city that reinvents itself from time to time, landscapes change, causing new modern touches contrast with buildings and architecture of the past.

Travel Tips: San Diego, California

The city of San Diego is located in the southern state of California, it is formed by 18 municipalities where stand Coronado, Solana Beach and Carlsbad.

Coastal and sunny San Diego surprises everyone with its landscape and natural beauty, and of course, the excellent quality of life provided to its residents.

San Diego receives each year about 16 million tourists to visit its beaches, restaurants, parks, etc..

We consider the city “eco-friendly”, ie, environmentally friendly, and antismoking antialcoĆ³lica, ie, in most places do not allow smoking or sale of alcoholic beverages, especially to minors.

In the city of Coronado tourists can admire the best view of the skyline of San Diego. Already in Carlsbad is the ideal place for those who enjoy shopping, there you can find more than 90 outlets of various brands. Furthermore, this municipality is Legoland California, a resort with water park that offers lots, parks, Aquarias, concerts and many toys made with Lego pieces.

The transport in the city should be done by car or bus, as there is no meter. The connections are great and constantly works just purchase a pass in one of the lines. The trolleys known as commuter trains are another good option for transportation, they cover all the sights of San Diego.

The great San Diego is home to 90 museums, theaters, amphitheaters, parks, area history within the city and 117 km from the beach.

The architecture of the city is another highlight, the Portuguese colonial influence and Spanish heritage are present in many neighborhoods.

Because the local beaches is easy to find good seafood restaurants in the city center, the most famous are in Little Italy, La Jola, Coronado and Downtown.

In the parks is allowed to do tours and picnics, but without the presence of alcohol. There is banned and fits up fine.

At certain times of the year San Diego promotes music festivals, theater, ballet and even opera. It is worth noting that many Broadway musicals go on display in the city.

Travel Tips: Los Angeles California

Every town has its natural beauty, often chaotic traffic, among others. But this is quite common, especially in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is an American city very famous for its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, good shopping, restaurants and especially the film industry.

The city inspires a more casual lifestyle, typical of a local beach, the weather is good during hot part of the year. Hence, the outdoor activities are the most sought after by locals and tourists. Hiking and cycling in the Temescal Canyon Malibu are preferred by the beautiful landscapes.

The highlands of Santa Monica offers more than 300 public parks prepared to receive tourists.

The Museum of Contemporary Art and the Natural History of Los Angeles are considered the best museums in the country, great place for a family outing. In addition, the city has several important galleries that show a bit of art and music.

One of the rides is a must visit Hollywood, the movie capital of the world. There are easy to find celebrities, famous shops, art galleries and old buildings. Unfortunately the major studios have migrated to outlying areas of the city such as Burbank.

Unlike many cities, Los Angeles does not have an active center, it is in the neighborhoods and beaches that all movement happens. Each neighborhood offers a variety of unique experiences for those visiting the city for the first time.

A string of beautiful beaches is excellent option for the summer months. Malibu is considered the most exquisite paradise of the region, several stars of American cinema have beautiful homes on site. Venice Beach and Santa Monica are ideal for good shopping. Already Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach have the best seafront restaurants and also nightclubs.

Beverly Hills is also a striking location, location for many films, this region receives a lot of tourists that make the script more famous parents, the homes of the famous. Also, that’s where the Rodeo Drive famous for its shops and global brands.

Los Angeles currently has a population of over 3.8 million inhabitants, is considered the largest city in California.