Travel Tips to England: Cambridge, UK

Visit Cambridge University Fomosa Known For And With So Many Other Wonders To Be Exploited.

Cambridge is a city in the UK famous for being recognized as a university town, and also the county seat of Cambridge. It has about a little over 110,000 inhabitants, according to the census of 2001. Is located 80 miles north of London, having very mild climate and visited not only by students but by all who have an interest in general culture.

The city of Cambridge, as well as all other the UK, has a secular historical formation, and as the information was the first university to house the Cambridge University, recognized worldwide as one of the best in the world. However, the first function of the city was to house a natural harbor, which favored an intense trade in the region, which was described as dismal and swampy, and it became the largest commercial city in the thirteenth century, favoring the development of that region.

Also slightly affected by the industrialization process, home to the King’s College, passed by important names in various branches of knowledge areas, such as Sir Francis Bacon, Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Dawin, and the great poet who influenced many others of the Romantic generation, Lord Byron.

Visit Cambridge is to have a unique opportunity to meet the secular buildings that now house the largest universities and colleges in the UK. But not only are these points that should be appreciated by tourists. As virtually all of Europe, Cambridge is home to a number of important museums which hold in their interiors and very rich collections that tell the history and evolution of humanity, such as the Museum of Classical Archaeology, which houses various objects of the old Roman Empire, that dominated the region for over 2000 years.

It is also important to plan trips by other museums in the city, as Scott Polar Research Institute, whose collection is dedicated to British polar explorers and Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences, specializing in prehistoric fossils.

The city is also renowned for its vast and extensive carpets greenish tone that give a more than special to the region. Also do not forget to visit the famous pubs, where you can indulge in typical food and learn a little bit more of the traditions and culture of this enchanting city in the United Kingdom.

Have a nice trip.

Fastastics Travel Tips: Newcastle, England

Tourist Cities From UK: Visit Newcastle, The City Of Walls And Of Castles

The city of Newcastle in Newcastle located in the north of England, was founded in 1080 by the then Robert Curthose, eldest son of the well recognized by those lands, William the Conqueror. Robert decided to build a big strong in order to protect the lands of Northumbria, and commanded to build a modest gap on an ancient cemitério.A location was chosen due to its high quality strategic, since it would be possible to view the entry of intruders . All this, initially, was wooden and did not have a security as strong or intense as was desired. Already in 1168, the wooden fort was replaced by a grand and imposing building stone, next to the River Tyne, which went on to be known as NewCastle, naming the city NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE which is situated in the region today.

The major works of buildings, strengthening and development of what would become an imposing city were completed in the early thirteenth century. Thereafter, it was decided to only build on what already had protective walls surrounding the city to guard the castle. So it’s been getting new structures, making – the so imposing as it still is.

What will the city of Newcastle, for these reasons finds a grandeur of open-air museums, stairways, churches and various other monuments dating back to the Middle Ages and should be enjoyed with careful eyes, as the region where the city was founded, houses debris back to the ancient Romans.

Do not think, however, that there are only walls or staircases to be enjoyed by the city as they say people who are not properly informed about where they will visit or a long stay. There are numerous museums, several theaters, the Tyneside cinema as film, there is also the possibility of going to the Royal County Down Golf Club to play a round of golf enjoying the scenery, visit the Victoria Tunnel interesting facilities, walking by Longsands Beach, enjoy the architectural beauty of Grey Street, visit The Tyne Brigde, among many other historical sites and unforgettable landscapes. Plan your trip to NewCastle and good riddance!

Travel Tips: Northern Ireland Belfast

Tourist Cities From UK: Visit The Capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast

The tourist city of Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland, situated in the province of Ulster. The country is part of the UK, however it is totally sovereign to make decisions, since early 1921 and was instrumental in the division between the two Irelands, due to its great nationalism. It is a beautiful region which was covered by ice in almost glacial, which caused a rise of several lakes throughout the region, which is quite hilly. And temperate maritime climate, its geography has on a large lake with over 392 miles long, Lake Neah, which is much demand for tourists to visit.

Northern Ireland is also known for its separatist religious issues, since the country has as much religion as Catholicism Protestantism. In the case of the city of Belfast, there are groups of two religions throughout their territory. The relatively small population, has less than 300,000 inhabitants. However it is a nice city, that keeps in its history and training all separatist conflicts in pursuit of political autonomy and, moreover, claim as a state independent from the United Kingdom. The region was also well known on account of the IRA – a group that called itself the self as a terrorist, and marked throughout by acts of violence towards religious issues.

But who goes to Belfast should not worry about these old issues and largely completely settled. Besides the natural beauty, you can find a variety of places to be visited, which translate well the customs and historical background of the region, primarily fostered in Celtic traditions is full of sights that must be visited. Among them are the Parliament Buildings, Docks and Belfast Castle, whose architecture dates back to the Middle Ages, as usual in almost every city in the UK.

There are also many places to shop and we are close to the City Hall building Donegal Place and the Castlecourt Shopping Center, modern shopping center which is right next to Dublin. For those who like to indulge in good food, can not fail to visit the The Crown Bar, serving dishes and delicacies able to seduce even the most critical. Plan your trip is to go to Belfast.

Travel Tips for Scotland: Glasgow

Glasgow Visit The Third Most Populous City From the UK

The large and important cities in the UK, basically were founded during the Middle Ages and the period of low or high. Who goes to Europe and is bound guaranteed the United Kingdom can not fail to include in their itineraries visits to these cities, which tell stories and important passages of the formation of the man himself. An example is the city of Glasgow, now considered the third largest in the UK and the fourth largest in Europe, equating to cities like Paris.

Glasgow was a strategic trading center also in the late sixteenth century, tobacco distributing throughout Europe and even to cities in the United States, when they were still on the fields of England, all this due to its geographical position. This provided a wealth to the city, making the regional population was present almost in weight then founded the University of Glasgow.

Located in Scotland, has a population that exceeds half a million inhabitants, was a major commercial center during the Middle Ages and is to this day, being also the third largest in Europe. The city is well served by public transport, two airports and railway lines.

Moreover, it has a variety of attractions for all tastes and all pockets. There are a variety of options ranging from museums including free entry, such as Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is the most popular museum in Glasgow with free entry and permanent and traveling exhibits. The museum houses a permanent collection of more than 8000 pieces, including paintings, prints and art collections of natural and historical periods. Another attraction that can not be seen in Glasgow’s Museum of Bagpipes and Vikingar!, Which tells the story of the city that probably has had the presence of the feared and mythological Vikings. Also be sure to sample the best whiskey produced in the world, the Scots. And good trip!

Trip Tips: Newport Wales

Tourist Cities From UK: Visit The City Of Newport in Wales

Newport is the third most important city of the principality of Wales, which is situated to the south and that belongs to the UK. However has a full political independence in relation to Britain. Located between the river banks URK, the town of Newport now has just over 140,000 inhabitants, and that in his minority speak Welsh, the second official language, since the former remains the English language. The Wales and all its cities, was formed and populated by people Celtiberian and even has undergone various barbarian invasions, managed to keep the language and habits that attacked his neighbors also failed to keep.

Newport although it is a relatively small city compared to many others within the UK and Europe, presents a range of possibilities as historical and natural attractions. Visitors can start planning your stay in hotels that are true medieval castles located in a more urbanized.

While in Newport, one can visit the National Roman Legion Museum, where you can stay if you want even a whole day due to what is offered at the museum. The National Roman Legion Museum offers natural pools where you can bathe as in Roman times, besides possessing amazing collections with objects that refer to the time of formation of the country. Not to mention that the attraction is completely free.

Another tour option is to visit the bridges of Newport referring to the times when the region got its explosion and economic development. Visit the Newport Transporter Bridge is both fascinating of modern architecture since the time of industrialization in Europe, while it presents a grand landscape and breathtaking, especially those who love the dynamism of industrialization.

Also visit the Tredegar House, a home that houses the history of the monarchy in Wales, as was the villa of Charles I in the seventeenth century. However the architectural construction date before the fifteenth century and holds details of several passages towering figures of royalty Wales. Worth checking out.

Travel Tips for England: Liverpool

Tourist Cities In England: What Do This For A City Tour Of The Beatles?

There are a variety of places and beauties that can and should be visited in the UK, beyond the traditional script which included eclectic London megalopolis. One is the famous city of Liverpool, which was perhaps more known for being the hometown of the greatest British band of all time, The Beatles, but for its history as interesting as so many UK.

The city of Liverpool is in Merseyside County, located in the northwest of England. The story goes that was founded at the request of King John Feris, in 1207 – which was just a fishing village, gained status and condition free municipality. And at the end of the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, by their condition and strategic positioning and geographic gained visibility as well as a port for the whole world. This enabled the city to prosper and be attractive to many who came to escape the Great Plague, which occurred in 1664 and the consequences of the fire that destroyed the city of London in 1666. Liverpool just had a setback in his condition stable economy during the Second World War, when he suffered horrific bombings.

Taking advantage of its popularity due to the Beatles, Liverpool also offers many options in the cultural and tourism, as it is one of the cities with more museums per square meter in Europe. Then you can not miss the World Museum Liverpool, National Museums Liverpool, Walker Art Gallery, Tate Liverpool, Liverpool International Slave, and you can not resist a visit to the Museum of The Beatles.

These are just some of the wonderful options of sightseeing crops that can be made by the city. It also can not fail to make a tour of the port area, the docks. Make Magical Mystery Tour, tour passing through all points themed Beatles. Another suggestion is to know the Liverpool Cathedral, the largest Anglican Church in the country. As for shopping, of course what else is sold in the trade of souvenirs are products and souvenirs Beatles. Worth checking out.