Kids Party Decoration Ideas: Toy Story Party

Kids Parties: Revisit The Wonderful Universe Of Toy Story

Imagine the joy of a child to her toys could actually speak? And if the toy will and acquire knowledge that actually belong to a particular child, and be faithful to her for life? And if the toys, besides all this, still actually knew the value of friendship? This is the plot of the series Pixar – Disney “Toy Story”, which in all the beauty and uniqueness should be taken as a great theme for a children’s party.

The theme of Disney “Toy Story” is well suited for parties of one to eight years of age, since the story incorporates elements of this age group. The elaboration of the theme does not demand major complications and all the accoutrements needed are easy to find both in stores and on websites specializing in marketing of products for children’s parties. So just planning to consider from where the party will be held to the types of souvenirs to start all the preparations.

Always start thinking about the details that make up the main table is always from her, that too must be thought. A table is really cool because of the sweets traditional children’s party decorated in a personalized way. Tags with the name of the birthday as well as the inclusion of drawings of the main characters is a good thing.

A panel with a beautiful photo of the birthday to central and illustrations with characters from the film, should be organized to give the touch of customization. An arch decoration with balloons closes the back of the desk. A cake decorated with fondant and miniatures of the film gives the final touch.

For the life of the party rent toys like ball pool, trampoline (if the age of the birthday, as well as allow the children invited), slide, so that children are in a mood to play the theme suggests.

Incidentally, toys, lots of toys should be spread over strategic points of the festival site. Toy Story is the story of toys so it was only natural that these figures do not miss the party. To close a menu choice appropriate to the time that the event will occur. Remember that the ideal time for parties of child is always in the late morning and early afternoon.

Ideas to Toy Story Party Decoration

A theme very interesting for birthday children 4 to 8 years is the animated Toy Story. The theme more like boys, but can be adapted for girls, too.

For starters, distribute invitations with the theme. In specialty stores and even office supply stores you can find these options.

Then you can buy a shirt with the characters for your child to wear on the day of the party. If you are more adventurous, the alternative is to rent or buy a fancy referring to Woody or Buzz Lightyear.

To decorate the environment, you can search for stores specializing in children’s parties and rent or buy the decorations. Another option is to watch the main colors that refer to drawing and from there choose the shades of towels, balloons, cups of chocolate and other sweets, etc.. For disposables such as napkins, plates and plastic cups, you can buy each of these items with the stamp of the characters.

For the head table, the cake will be the center of attention, and he also makes reference to the issue is important to look for a shop specializing in confectionery to buy an edible paper drawing to apply the finish of the cake. Or arrange for a bakery of his confidence, the format that your child imagine: may be the Mr. Potato Head, the face of Buzz or Woody, etc..

If your child has toys of the design, such as Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Mr. and Mr. Potato Head, toy soldiers and other toys that are part of the list of personalities from entertainment, know that these components are essentially important and welcome to decorate the head table.

Another possibility is to put the design to pass (even without volume) if you have any TV in the party area.

Finally, the souvenirs that will be distributed among the guests will be magnets with a photo of the child in the midst of drawing characters. Another possibility is to deliver favors only the children, handing out little bags with the theme, stuffed with goodies: candies, lollipops, etc.., As well as conventional toys whistle and mother tongue. Perhaps, it is interesting to investigate if there are these items stamped with the theme.