Tattoos for Correcting Imperfections

Before getting a tattoo, it is paramount to search on the internet about the studios, if tattoo artists have certificates of professional and portfolios that can be seen, if the environment is sanitized and instruments are properly sterilized and art. Moreover, it is interesting to check for complaints about the location and/or staff on social networks. The next step is to personally visit the property and take questions if there are still: all must be asked and verified.

In the case of correcting imperfections or scars resulting from an accident or surgery, these precautions are even more essential, since the purpose of the tattoo here is correct, to camouflage or disguise something and not bother to adorn the body .

There are cases of people who suffered burns with water, oil or sweet syrups in childhood and brands are hardly completely removed with cosmetic surgeries. Often, the result is well below expectations by the patient. That’s where the hope comes with a tattoo done by a competent professional who knows gabaritado and ‘paint’ the skin to perfection.

In this method of tattoo, looking to ink color as close as possible skin tone which was not damaged so that we can make a kind of mask that conceals the unwanted traces, deep cuts or lesions generated by an incident. The ideal is to start with smaller parts, such as redoing an eyebrow, if any. The patient will see the effect, and if you think positive, you can proceed with the procedure for other parts you want.

In burns, the job well done for a tattoo artist removes the ‘spotted’ and softens the scar, giving a color close to the face. This type of tattoo also helps patients with breast cancer where the same procedure is used to┬áreconstruct the halo of women .

This tattoo has a specialized task greater than the actual act of tattooing , she supports people who are low self-esteem and may represent extra strength to those who passed or is in a bad phase . The enthusiasm to lead a normal life can be the ‘ push ‘ needed to continue .

Ideas and Tattoo Designs Women

In Hinduism, make a mark on the forehead is encouraged because it is believed that this will increase the spiritual welfare. Several Hindu women tattoo their faces with spots, especially around the eyes and chin, to ward off evil and to increase the beauty. Local tribes use tattooing to differentiate certain clans and ethnic groups. One of the goddesses of Hinduism, Lirbai Mata, is represented with tattoos on his arms and legs. She is venerated by ethnic groups Marwari and Rabari.

The number of tattooed women has grown in recent years. Some studios claim that 80% of its audience is female, but women in general have a different profile: opt for smaller drawings and places that can be seen only when they want, like stars, butterflies, flowers, and behind the ears, neck, ankle, waist, back. However, there are also those who like the more aggressive figures such as dragons and tribal motifs, characters or comic book, and expose the arms, legs, belly and back. In all cases, think that tattoos leave the body more beautiful and sexy.

It is said that tattooing is addictive. Who makes the first, will always want more, even with the pain, according to the tattooists, is bearable. The price varies according to the size of the drawing. In the case of very large drawings, tattoo artists can charge per work hour.

If the person wants a tattoo but do not know which design, professionals suggest that seeking designs for a subject with which she identifies, since they believe that the choice of a tattoo involves things much deeper than it seems and mark certain stages of life. And of course, it is essential to observe the hygiene of the place not to regret later. Everything must be spotlessly clean with sterilized materials and properly packaged, and tattoo artist should wear a mask, gloves and apron.

Some women tend to be more anxious on the eve of performing the first tattoo. Also part of the work of tattooed calm them. But it is essential that it decided and certain of what they want.

Tribal Tattoos, Meanings and What to Do?

Tribal, as its name suggests, comes from the word “tribe”, referring to the style of tattoo done by various tribes. The tribal style, as seen today, was popularized in the 1990s due to its flexibility and dynamism. One can illustrate any subject in tribal style, meaning or not, just to fill some space or correct any imperfections.

Been gaining new adaptations as tattoo artists tried to copy the tattoos that observed in members of tribes who worshiped the marks on the skin and came to have much of their bodies covered by ink.

The Celtic tattoos are an example of tribal tattoo and are among the most sought after by both men and women. Usually contain crosses as a central element, sharing with triangles, floral and other symbols that exhibit a symmetrical figure. This harmony of shapes is possible only through the hands of a professional.
The frequent use of black in tattoos is due to the way tribal civilizations its pigment obtained, usually by mixing water with soot obtained by burning wood, leaves or animal bones, less common, used in rituals.

Finding the perfect Celtic tattoo can be a long process. A lot done in studios is the four-leaf clover, known to represent a lucky charm. According to tradition, each sheet has a meaning: one means hope, one faith, the third love and the fourth luck, so its special attribute.

The Tattoo Triskelion is identified with the the celtic trinity. The name comes from the Greek meaning “three legs”. It can be intertwined spirals formed by three by three legs, or other insignia to convey the idea ratio and rotation. May have different versions, all conveying the same concept: Spirit, Mind, Body, Father, Son, Holy Spirit Mother, Father, Son, Past, Present, Future.

Also in Celtic culture, the crow is strongly linked to the mythology and legends and so it was tattooed. One says that the Celtic goddess Morrigan descended on the battlefield in the form of hundreds of crows, consuming the souls of warriors fallen in battle and carrying them to an appropriate place. Ravens are also associated with the god Lug, which gain a prophetic ability. God warned about the invasions and gave him the information needed for it to plan military strategies.