Travel Tips for Scotland: Glasgow

Glasgow Visit The Third Most Populous City From the UK

The large and important cities in the UK, basically were founded during the Middle Ages and the period of low or high. Who goes to Europe and is bound guaranteed the United Kingdom can not fail to include in their itineraries visits to these cities, which tell stories and important passages of the formation of the man himself. An example is the city of Glasgow, now considered the third largest in the UK and the fourth largest in Europe, equating to cities like Paris.

Glasgow was a strategic trading center also in the late sixteenth century, tobacco distributing throughout Europe and even to cities in the United States, when they were still on the fields of England, all this due to its geographical position. This provided a wealth to the city, making the regional population was present almost in weight then founded the University of Glasgow.

Located in Scotland, has a population that exceeds half a million inhabitants, was a major commercial center during the Middle Ages and is to this day, being also the third largest in Europe. The city is well served by public transport, two airports and railway lines.

Moreover, it has a variety of attractions for all tastes and all pockets. There are a variety of options ranging from museums including free entry, such as Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is the most popular museum in Glasgow with free entry and permanent and traveling exhibits. The museum houses a permanent collection of more than 8000 pieces, including paintings, prints and art collections of natural and historical periods. Another attraction that can not be seen in Glasgow’s Museum of Bagpipes and Vikingar!, Which tells the story of the city that probably has had the presence of the feared and mythological Vikings. Also be sure to sample the best whiskey produced in the world, the Scots. And good trip!

Travel Tips: City of Edinburgh, Scotland

Tourist Cities From United Kingdom: After The British Capital London, Edinburgh is the most visited city by tourists

The UK as a whole has as a major tourism economic sources, which are assigned by the most obvious possible reasons: it is a region that secular history and progress, not to mention that is one of the strongest economies among developed countries even having suffered severe economic crises in recent years. And London is the most popular city in the tours for tourists worldwide. Due to its characteristics of a large metropolis, associated with its medieval history, the city attracted by the beauty of the monuments and all the attractions that are offered. However, there is another script also quite sought Edinburgh in Scotland.

The city of Edinburgh in Scotland, is the most important and sought after by tourists from around the world, after the capital London, which houses archaeological and prehistoric remains of great importance to mankind as Stonehenge and Hadrian’s Wall. The region has a very beautiful landscape is not well known by many, with rugged mountain scenery, unspoilt coastal landscapes, all surrounded by castles of medieval times.

The city of Edinburgh is located on the bank of the River Forth and is the capital of Scotland since 1492 and is also the seat of the Scottish Parliament. The city is built on a large volcanic rock and is surrounded by ancient castle of Edinburgh. It is also traditionally recognized by the famous Edinburgh Festival, which takes place during three weeks of August. The city is still fighting one of the most important universities in the world, the University of Edinburgh, the first to offer courses and research in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčmanagement and information technology.

A visit to the city can be memorable because it houses and medieval sights intriguing. Interesting that tourists take a stroll down Old Town – and there discover architectural construction which refers to the medieval period. There is also possible to buy and eat food typical of the region. Another point that can not be seen is the Edinburgh Military Tattoo show, which presents a beautiful performance with traditional dances, songs on bagpipes, typical apparel and according to visitors exceeds expectations. There are a variety of places that are waiting for your visit! Go find them.