Alignment of Planets

Whenever there is a big impact when it comes to the alignment of the planets, so that the dreaded December 21, 2012 but has not ceased to be targets of comments. All this just because of a calendar that was left by the Mayan people many years ago, where the last date would be just the day December 21, 2012.

With that many people around the world are already very frightened and still doing what they could to not be shaken by the news, although this something with this kind of size certainly undermines all people. Several people around the world have been keeping food and drink in caves, and if you can find a number of houses that are designed to withstand strong phenomena of nature, and yet all this to try to get through this very difficult time claiming that is increasingly coming. Another phenomenon of nature was quite alarming at the beginning of February, a meteor that tore the roof of Russia, in a very small size, making good damage, hurting people, destroying parts of buildings, among several other disorders, which caused frighten the Russians themselves with everything that was happening since then comes the question that surely everyone can do?

Are we really safe, or we may at any time be victims of a cataclysm or a meteor that can cause a lot of damage much larger, since the very astronomers said they can not predict this type of event, as it happens all the time?

As the alignment of the planets?

According to ancient astrology, planetary alignment has begun and yet through this kind of phenomenon will suffer a big change. And yet according to astrologers alignment would happen on December 21, 2012, a date that the Mayan calendar is ending, there came from the superstition that the world would end on this day.

The alignment makes all the planets of the solar system aligned with each other, moreover, they should be aligned with the center of the Milky Way, this is an event that only happens every 26 million years. And what is circulating on the internet that many people claim to be true is that this alignment can also change the magnetic flux of the earth, can totally change its axis of rotation, causing the earth to rotate his side.

This alignment was predicted by the Mayans more than 3000 years ago and in recent years can be confirmed by modern astrology that alignment happen actually generating all this furor concerning these situations.

Alignment with this situation what happened between the period of December 21, 2012 and also the year 2019 is the end of an earthly cycle, which began with an alignment of the planets, as well as several other cycles already finalized, as per example the extinction of the dinosaurs, the division of the continents of Africa, America, Atlantis, Noah’s flood from a number of other aspects.

According to these rumors these transformations may be more or less depending suffered the way that humanity take and adopt in the face of major disasters that will happen by the year 2019, and no one knows the precise dates. With this there is still a rumor that in the struggle for habitable part of the planet that remain should be forced to choose or love and brotherhood in peaceful coexistence or even a third world war, and the struggle for survival in this collective destiny that unites us in our planet. In any of these situations. Brazil will play a very important and fundamental importance of this planetary transition.

Disasters are happening already planned some years ago, and the next will happen even more with this all the claims of the Mayans, alignments of planets, and all these stories really are not by chance, certainly something is happening to our planet, or is that nature is responding to the attacks are getting and showing to be much higher and much stronger than the man who destroys?

What is the Solar System?

The solar system is a composition comprising the set of celestial bodies that orbit the Sun but are under its gravitational influence. Among the largest of these various bodies are called planets totaling eight, still followed by the five dwarf planets and several natural satellites and various other smaller bodies such as asteroids and comets.

Early theories of motion of bodies suggested that the planets and the sun revolved around the earth, that this was at the center of a universe. Nevertheless Nicolaus Copernicus proved that the earth and all other bodies orbiting the star creating models called heliocêntricos.

And after that the scientists sought a series of numerical relationships that could describe the motions of bodies. And for this reason were prepared several laws and theories, such as those of Kepler and Newton still the. Nevertheless today, we know that the most appropriate method to describe these motions of bodies around the Sun is called Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

The Sun, the star most important

The Sun is the star that is located in the center of the Solar System. What will comprise more than 99% of the mass of the system consists primarily of hydrogen and helium, thereby generating its energy from a nuclear fusion. The first four planets are called terrestrial planets and yet to have its surface and still rock solid. And of the Earth is the largest and only known yet which houses gone. Beyond the orbit of Mars, there is a region that is heavily populated by a series of smaller celestial bodies forming the famous Asteroid Belt is located where the dwarf planet Ceres.

The following are planets are called gas giants like Jupiter which features dozens of natural satellites with characteristics quite different from each other. Saturn is also quite famous for its ring system characteristic, moreover the orbit of Neptune is the last planet in another region populated by countless smaller bodies.

What is a Planet?

A planet is considered a celestial body orbiting a star or is a remnant of a star with enough mass for it to become spherical by its own gravity, though this is not enough to cause thermonuclear fusion and have cleared the planetesimals neighboring regions in an orbital dominance.

Where does the term Planet

The term planet is quite old, and with links to history, science, mythology and religion yet, the planets were seen by many ancient cultures such as divine emissaries or even gods. Over the years as scientific knowledge began to evolve human perception of the planets changed a lot, so if incorporating different types of objects. From the year 2006 the International Astronomical Union named officially adopted a resolution, which defined all the planets within a solar system which is praised and criticized thus becoming an eternal discussion among some of the most renowned scientists.

Thoughts of Ptolemy

Ptolemy thought that the planets orbited the earth in motion, and the epicycle different circle. Despite the idea that the planets orbited the Sun had been suggested many times historically, only from the seventeenth century this view may be supported by evidence by the first telescopic observations, performed by Galileo Galilei.

Through various and careful analysis of the data and also the observations, Johannes Kepler, may find that the orbits of the planets are not circular but elliptical. As the tools of observation were developed astronomers were able to realize that planets like Earth revolved around tilted axes, and some shared such features as ice caps yet and also seasons. With this inívio since the era particular, several observations were made closer by means of probes demonstrated that the Earth and other planets also contained the same characteristics such as hurricanes as well as volcanism, tectonic and even subjects hydrology.

The planets are still generally divided into two main types as large and low densities and the gas giants.

All about Planets: Jupiter

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, both by its diameter but also by its mass, is also the fifth closest to the sun. It has a mass of less than one thousandth of the solar mass, yet have equivalent 2.5 times the mass of all other planets together. It is a gaseous planet considered, along with Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. These four planets are called Jovian planets or Jovian. Júpitar is regarded as one of four gas giant not being composed primarily of solid matter.

Jupiter has beyond its Great Red Spot, and its 4 major satellites yet he still has rings.

Jupiter has a composition very similar to the Sun, being basically composed of 86% hydrogen and 14% helium and is considered not only a star because its mass is not large enough to raise the pressure and also the temperature of gases and even cause fusion required for nuclear reaction, similar to what happens with the sun.

Sue on that core is very hot, it is possible that release more than 3 times the heat it receives from the sun.

The atmosphere jupteriana shows several traces of methane, water vapor, ammonia and even solid substances. Those who have endless amounts of carbon dioxide, ethane, hydrogen sulfide, neon, oxygen and sulfur, which have also been detected.

Another gas giant which has a similar composition is Saturn, which has a similar composition to Jupiter, but Uranus and Neptune but has much less hydrogen and helium.

Jupiter is one of the stars that are part of a set of gas planets or Jovian featuring a slew of hurricanes, seen as spots. Among these hurricanes can cite the Great Red Spot, a storm much larger than Earth that is observed for over 300 years.

And it was through the Jovian spots that astronomers were able to determine its rotation period equal to 9 hours and 54 minutes.

In its atmosphere is possible to have patterns with moving clouds at various altitudes, and storms with up to 600 km / h. Jupiter.

The Planet: Mars Study and Learn

Mars is the fourth planet in distance from the Sun, and can still be viewed without the aid of the telescope Planet Earth. It has a fully rarefied atmosphere and is very similar to Earth in many ways. Its atmosphere is composed of elements such as carbon, nitrogen, argon and oxygen. The average temperature of Mars is approximately 59 degrees Celsius. And in recent years has been the most studied planet by space agencies around the world as there are future plans to seek some kind of life on Mars, and even future projects and studies to colonize Mars. Much of this large space projects belong to NASA.

In 2000 came the first evidence that water existed on Mars, it found signs of erosion in the Martian territory indicating the existence of water channels in the Martian subsurface. We also sampled the ice and found these signs increased the hope that future NASA may send spacecraft to Mars manned in order to colonize the red planet. The water was essential for this type of purpose.

Several probes sent by NASA already photographed and examined even thousands of substances found in the Martian soil. And after several reviews of many scientists around the world, yet we can not say with certainty about the existence of life on Mars. The existence of water in Martian soil opens a great possibility of this theory can be proven, since water is the main source for the existence of life. New studies and future projects may also clarify much more about this controversial topic.

Already several states were seen as mythical canals on Mars, pyramids and even a sculpted face, and Hellas region of southern Mars that this seemed to be filled with vegetation, which led to imagine the existence of Martians as a developed civilization. And surely today we know that water could have existed on Mars so much, and that primitive life forms could also have inhabited the region, despite all this is still a big mystery to be unraveled.

All about Planets: Venus

Venus is one of the planets that make up the solar system, being located in the solar system second among the planets from the sun.

This name comes from the Roman goddess Venus. This planet has a striking resemblance to the Earth, and both are kind of land, and in addition are very similar in terms of size, mass and also its composition.

This is the closest planet to Earth, with a distance of 40.2 km and 260 million km, this type of variation is derived through its orbit that will carry around the sun.

This study indicates that Venus has its beginning when the first space probe that was called Mariner 2, in 1962 landed on the planet’s surface, and soon other probes have been sent, the flow increased, until it configured for a period of space race, were then sent several probes that had Soviet name called Venus and the American Mariner and Pioneer.

Already in 1982 other probes landed on the surface and also detected basalt beds of copper in the world.

Venus is considered as one of the most glittering stars, surpassing even the moon, and its reflected light is best known as the star Dalva.

For many years it was thought that Venus and Earth were twin planets, despite the peculiarities common being restricted only to aspects related to the size and mass as well as on favorable terms, training and further proliferation of lives will be totally different.

Another interesting difference between Earth and Venus is the atmosphere because the atmosphere is considered the second 92 times denser than Earth’s, and this is why the atmosphere is totally composed mostly of carbon dioxide. Thus causing a deep greenhouse that will put the planet as one of the hottest among all.

A curiosity rather interesting about Venus in relation to its rotational and translational movements in one day on this planet is greater than one year.

Has no moon.