What Does the Moon in the Signs?

When examining the horoscope of a person, it is necessary to extract various information about life as well as his character, his frame of mind, emotional and even physical behavior at the events that will permeate throughout your life. The sun sign is usually determined by the sign in which the Sun should meet at the time of his birth. And as the sun travels one degree per day for 30 days it remains in a sign about. Therefore it is very easy to determine the person’s sun sign and even to the most skeptical may know his.

What the moon interferes in our lives

The moon is our natural satellite, runs throughout its revolution around the Earth in 28 days, thus spends about two and half days in each sign, therefore it is very difficult to know where you will meet the Moon in our birth chart, except that there will be a series of complicated calculations that the astrologer can do to draw the maps. After all what is the importance of the moon on our map?

If the sun is considered masculine, the moon is feminine, representing our childhood, our home and our mother’s breast. In childhood is that shapes and molds our entire self image. And snuggles baby in the womb which is represented using the astrological moon, moon and that it will depend for its development both emotional and sentimental. It is considered the element of water, milk, elements that are representatives of the moon.

Thus, once the baby is born, he will go to his mother’s lap to receive warmth, food and shelter. The moon represents our psychic side lower, bringing part of the personality of the person, and therewith psychologists are well aware that childhood trauma should be hidden in our subconscious forever.

Through the lunar sign is possible to conclude the type of mother and child where he spent his early life.

What is the Moon?

The Moon is the only natural satellite of Earth, leaving a distance of around 384,405 kilometers of our planet.

According to the latest count, there are over 150 moons in our solar system, to get an idea just in Neptune, you can find more than 13 of them, already for 27 Uranus, Saturn has 60, Jupiter is more to what has and has then 64.

The moon is not the greatest land of all the solar system, the greater is Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter that has a size exceeding even that of the earth. Despite this our moon remains the largest relative to its planet, with a size equivalent to 1/4 the size of Earth and 1/6 of its severity. So is the only celestial body visited by humans, and even where NASA intends to establish permanent bases in the future.

The satellite is seen when the Earth has phases and usually always shows its same face, a situation called tidal coupling, which generates numerous speculations about the so-called Dark Side of the Moon, that this actually is illuminated when we are in the period new moon. Their rotation periods are equal to the period of translation.

The moon still lacks an atmosphere of water and has very little solid state forms ice crystals. Lacks an atmosphere as there is erosion and surface of the moon remain intact for millions of years, being affected only by the collision of meteorites.

The moon is the main responsible for tidal effects that happen on Earth, and then comes the sun which in turn is important but has a much smaller share. It can be said that the tidal effect on earth as the tendency for the ocean monitor the movement of the moon’s orbit, and this effect causes friction with the ocean floor thereby slowing the rotation of the earth, easing moon around 3 centimeters per year.