What are the Advantages of Mineral Makeup?

Every woman knows that makeup is crucial, but even more important than it is to know what types of products they are using. It is recommended to know its composition, check expiration dates and other details.

Some substances that form part of the composition of the makeup products can cause allergies due or overuse and especially in people prone to allergies.

The type of makeup most suitable pair all people are the mineral line. Mineral products are free of many chemicals, preservatives, fragrances, dyes and oils, so do not cause any type of allergy or skin irritation.

In general, minerals have cosmetic titanium dioxide, iron oxide, zinc oxide and bismuth chloride are milled and turned into powder and give rise to several products.

People with sensitive skin or acneic should give preference for this type of cosmetic, because the minerals are excellent natural anti-inflammatories and protect the skin from sunlight.

Women with oily skin can use this type of makeup normally, since they do not clog pores not interfering in the production of natural sebum of the skin and still have soothing action.

It is worth noting that the durability of any mineral cosmetic is greater than the others, since the absence of synthetic dyes extends its life.

The eyeshadows, compact powders, blushes and illuminators minerals has great durability, good variety in color and its application does not differ from the others. Are easily found in specialty stores and available in several brands.

The price of the mineral line is usually a bit more expensive than others, but its benefits will no doubt beyond.
People with skin problems in general should consult the dermatologist for it authorizes the regular use of these products, after all it can only evaluate your case.