Tips for Buying Food Processors

The food processor is a fundamental tool in your kitchen. The unit makes all the difference and breaks many branches in daily, but many people still have questions on how to use it. So we made a basic guide that can take some questions, so illustrative (ie, with a recipe for you to understand). Check out the tips and the recipe:

The food processor is considered a wonder in the kitchen, because it has different possibilities. Its disc crusher can grating with all speed, various ingredients, such as cheese and carrot. All without delay and effort. The slicing disc makes perfectly identical slices and fast foods such as potatoes and apples. Just put the food on the tube and push with the pestle.

You can also use your processor to grind, cut and make recipes of sauces and puree.

And if you love homemade tomato sauce, but thinks a lot of work, take the opportunity to invest in this option with your processor! Do not forget to sanitize all vegetables before using them.

Here’s how to use your processor and learn to make a delicious sauce:

Process the garlic so that it is milled and book, then process the parsley, so it is cortadinha.

Return the garlic to the processor along with a pimentinha and process.

Add a little water or olive oil (a tablespoon), and use the pulsar. The “pulse” is a major technical food processor: it gives the possibility to control the texture of the food to be processed to ensure that no excess or less.

You can give 10 or 15 pulses a second and scrape the garlic and pimentinha wall of glass, between intervals. Coming to a consistency of a puree, you can stop now. The next step is to add the parsley. Use approximately five pulses of one second each to cut the sheets, scraping the sides of the jar, as was done in the previous process.

Tomatoes can be cut into larger pieces: cut in half and then cut the halves, resulting in four parts. If you prefer, remove the seeds before.

Enter the tomato pieces in the cup feeder tube with the motor off the processor. Then turn on the device, processing with three or four pulses of a second each. Pour the contents into a bowl and season as desired. The tomato sauce is ready!

Tips to Buy the Best Sandwich Maker

The sandwich maker is another of the great conveniences invented to facilitate their day to day in the kitchen. With this product, you can make snacks of bread, French bread, whole wheat bread, or one you imagine. The household utensil used to heat, roast, pressing and brown bread and melt your fillings like cheese.

The options are a delight, on the other hand, the dirty utensil and this time is that people do not know how to clean the sandwich maker the right way.

Many people after taking it from the outlet, wash the piece after use, but this option is not suggested, however, is quite dangerous because it requires very careful not to wet your yarn and not let water drain hole somewhere . It is for this reason that today we will address this issue and guide you how to properly clean your sandwich, besides the main precautions you must take.

For starters, remember that usually after using some utensil waste bread, tomato, ham and cheese mainly end up getting stuck. Thus, you should be very careful when removing them, since it is not recommended to use the knife in an attempt to remove the melted food as this can scratch the Teflon and undermine the effectiveness of the device. It is also not allowed to use any type of steel wool that can also scratch the sandwich. The best way to remove any residue is to use a plastic spatula.

After removing all excess debris, you can use a paper towel and go over the whole teflon, soaking up all the fat and other waste left behind. Then take another clean sheet and keep going until all the crumbs are removed from the sandwich. You can then spend another sheet of paper towel, but now slightly moistened. And lastly, another dried leaf, to leave no trace of water.

With these precautions, your sandwich will always be very clean, without you and your family run the risk of putting it in the water, using the play with more confidence, and avoid possible scratches that ruin the teflon, provided by sponges more rough.

How to Buy the Best Microwave?

The microwave oven was born in 1940, after discovering heating the water after receiving a lot of electromagnetic waves.

Undoubtedly, the microwave oven was one of the greatest inventions of household utensil. Its main feature is the reduced time of cooking compared to conventional ovens. Another specialty of the device which certainly makes all the difference is no need to preheat (what happens to the common oven), favoring the ease and speed of cooking, besides the energy savings compared to electric oven.

But before buying a microwave oven, it is important to reserve a suitable space for the installation of the device. The most suitable place is beyond the reach of sunlight, and moisture and other sources that radiate heat, such as stoves. It also should not be around television sets or radios, as this may help in the event of interference on devices. The ideal setup is a level place and ventilation. Having these features, safety and efficiency of your furnace will be even better.

The microwave, different options of electric ovens or gas, has a typical feature: a control panel with numerous settings and cooking times varied. Fully electronic, just give some commands by tapping the buttons and the device will cook food according to the needs that he requires. The programming of the cooking time made by the panel is also very practical and easy.

With all these features, we can see that the microwave actually arrived revolutionized kitchens, but attention is needed in homes with children and pets, so in these cases, keep the mobile device in a higher, out of reach of pets and of small. Remember though that in no case should turn on the oven without anything inside. Plates and cups worked or aluminum containers and foil should never be placed inside the microwave oven, the machine only accepts pieces of glass and china with recommending to use this household utensil. For these and more, for complete safety of your family, always keep the unit off (off the mains plug) when not using.

Which blender should I buy?

The blender needs no introduction. As its already suggests, it liquefies solid objects. Already featuring slides, it is the ideal tool for domestic grinding, chopping, juicing, beating, prepare soups and pasta moist or do not ask for a fluffy texture once baked or ready. You may not believe, but there are many different blenders on the market, with options to suit all tastes and types: analog and digital options vying preference cooks on duty. The good news is that you can choose what pleases you most.

Before buying a blender, stay tuned to the main features. One is power: look for a device that offers one that meets your needs in the kitchen. But besides the power, make sure you evaluate everything. Notice from the material of the cup, the cleanup functions (like the famous button “self cleaning”), in addition to variations in speed and capacity.

Returning to the cup, when choosing, pay close attention to this item: plastic versions have longer breaks and are far cheaper. But, be aware that these options require much care and attention when cleaning. Never use steel sponges, abrasive and rough side of a sponge common dishwashing time to clean him up. If scratched, sources of bacteria to install these scratches.

Another possibility is to opt for glass cup which apparently is much more hygienic, easy to clean and does not leave the smell of food. Moreover, it can break more easily, besides being much more expensive one piece. Before you choose, put in the balance the pros and cons. Or, just look for the versions of stainless steel cups. These are very durable and extremely easy to clean. They look perfect, right? But they are not. These options are very difficult to replace, if necessary, they are not as common. So assess everything calmly.

And to leave no doubt, remember: the blender to hit serves juices, soups, sauces, pasta, pie and cake specific to blender, and ice, pasta pudding, some recipes for homemade ice cream and pasta pancake . Hitting very hot foods, cake batters or those expecting a result cuddly, and egg whites, whipped cream or pasta selections as the denser bread, forget the use of the blender and mixer (which serves to mix evenly and fofinha), understood?

Household Goods: Tips to Buy a Mixer

The mixer is a household utensil that can not miss in your kitchen, so be sure to evaluate some options to choose the right piece. Remember that the success of your cake is directly influenced by the quality of your mixer, so do not be afraid to invest. The first step before buying a blender is to analyze some important items. Before you buy, the first feature that should be checked is whether there is the possibility of speed regulation: it is fundamental.

Also check if the product has options models scouts. See if it offers height adjustment of these scouts. Another important point that should be noted: if she accepts the container height adjustment. Note also that the model is portable and has suction cups on the base for fixing and safety of the product.

The mixer serves to make delicious cakes, breads and pastas. But know that this appliance, has no blades, never destroys the molecules of the ingredients, so it is just ideal for stirring and mixing, ie hitting the masses do whites, and you can leave your cake soft and cuddly. And if you just need an electric mixer for making cakes or hitting some simple ingredients like eggs or whipped cream, the common version will meet your needs very well. However, if your main goal is to prepare masses heavier for the preparation of breads and pizza, for example, is recommended using a planetary mixer.

This version is very similar to conventional beater, but your scout has a something else and reach places that the other does not arrive, resulting in a more homogeneous mixture. Now, if you want to beat a mass heavier, the trick is to get an industrial model.

For you to determine precisely what type of mixer will meet your needs, check out these tips and learn more. Among the mixer common, planetary or industrial, which meet the requirements? If you just want to hit that require air masses and intend to achieve a result cuddly, besides wanting to do egg whites and whipped cream, your mixer is the common ideal. Moreover, if you want to invest in denser masses, the model should be a planetarium. And finally, if you like heavy masses, appeal to the industry.

Remember to grind ingredients, pasta specific blender or pasta with yeast, the mixer is not the recommended product.

And to finish, always clean your mixer, just do not forget to remove it from the wall outlet before you begin!