Makeup: How to use Kajal

In the ideal makeup is highlight one specific point of the face, in the case of the eyes is important to value and enhance the look with the right products and the right way. Too much or too loaded a eyeshadow can make the look heavy and inappropriate for certain occasions.

A good option to let the eyes well marked is to use kajal pencil. Created in India thousands of years ago, it is used by most of the local population, it is traditional for men, women and even children. Initially it was used to protect the eyes from possible inflammation and also believed that he frightened the evil spirits.

For us Westerners, kajal pencil is retractable to look and feel similar to a crayon , its pigment is very strong and has excellent durability, can be used as eyeliner or as shade. Can be found in the form of pencil, stick or powder.

In India and Morocco, women have the habit of preparing the same kajal at home, using a special blend that contains carbon, cloves, cinnamon and pepper.

The types of kajal in pencil or stick are quite common, as they are easier to use. Its application is equal to the common eye pencil. To make the trace outlined, touch the tip of kajal in the desired location and slide slowly, avoid touching the product. According to the position of the feature point may exit thinner or thicker.

The kajal powder requires more skill in application, it usually comes with a brush or a rod. First touch the stem of the product on the inner corner of the eye, and he closed with slide rod to the outer corner.

Usually the pigment kajal is strong and if you blur the edges, the ideal is to clean with a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover.

The makeup made ​​with kajal lets look sensual, well marked. So avoid weighing in blush and lipstick color, make a make more balanced.