Learn about Flowers: Camellias

The Camellias are So Beautiful And Famous In Literature

The camellia flowers are of Asian origin, have their roots more specifically in China and Japan, and spread throughout the world and are now present in many places in the world. Family of theaceae, are also known as the flowers of the “tea”, due to the very setting where bloom. The camellia have around 80 different species and varieties that now marks reach more than 8000 kinds of hybrids grown worldwide. They were brought to Europe by the Jesuits in the seventeenth century, and even the name given by them to the flower was a tribute to Father camellus, who lived at the same time.

The camellias have very showy flowers and lush colors too, even when it comes to the most common, such as white, yellow (obtained only through the process of hybridization), red, pink and some are still tinted. Their tips are usually cerrilhadas or jagged, and some flowers reach the size of your palm. Some species of camellias are grown to obtain tea, and experts in flower, this trade moves millions of dollars annually.

The camellias have very rare beauty among the flowers and if cultivated properly, can survive for long. The camellias are flowers that grow well in places where there is much light, but you must be careful that hit directly on the petals, not to burn them. They need a few hours in direct sunlight. If the location of the crop is very warm and sunny, the ideal is that they are planted in the shade.

Camellias should be grown in cold and humid environments, due to its natural properties. Can be used for decoration in apartments, but need careful not to leave them exposed to strong light or in a house that is too hot.

The camellias are often also remembered for being the title of a literary work very famous throughout the world: “The Lady of the Camellias” by Alexandre Dumas – whose plot is a young and frivolous, in an attempt to realize their consumerist desires ends up becoming a courtesan. The book is based on their own experiences of Dumas, and title of the work is done as a tribute to the courtesan with whom the author had fallen in love, and this only enjoyed receiving gift camellias.

Learn more about Flowers: Daisy

Inverse of what most people think, the name Daisy is not given for a single flower, but for many aspects similar flowers that were given this name so popular. The best known are the white and yellow daisies. Are flowers originating in the Northern Hemisphere and present existential records of more than a thousand years.

Several ancient civilizations have developed a tray surrounded by white and yellow daisies, with stronger colors in the middle with the purpose to cure eye problems.

These plants do not tend to be very demanding with respect to the soil for growing flowers should be watered several times in small quantities. Usually marketed in arrangements and potted flowers ideas but are to be grown in gardens.

Flowers are often delicate and should be handled always light hands.

This plant became known worldwide due to a play on its petals, which each petal represent a positive or negative feeling. The petals are then plucked one by one and the last one should answer the traditional question and want me or marigold.

The little daisies, especially the yellow coloration are not very uitlizadas in cooking, but despite this some cultures use it in salads and also decorate dishes.

In medicine the plant was initially used by Anglo Saxon in various healing rituals involving magical practices. And in modern medicine is what happens with many other flowers, used in alternative therapies such as aromatherapy, crtomaterapia. A flower that has a gentle beauty and delicate daisy is widely used for decoration of hospital environments, it is believed that the particular characteristics considered this flower can give her soothing properties.

Curiously enough, the fact that a small flower and delicate as daisy can adapt so easily to various soil types, as well as involving legends and symbols considered as old. Currently many representatives of food and cooks has been developing several dishes based on various flowers, and one of the dishes is certainly considered common Daisy caramel.

Decorating Ideas for House with Orchids

Flowers are accurate bet to decorate any room, especially the flowers Orchids. They are delicate and leave the places fragrant and full of joy. Filled with symbolism, the flowers can be used for gift, decorate and some even to prepare dishes from haute cuisine. Thanks to the diversity of species, it is possible to choose at least one type to always be home. So how about betting on the lush orchids to leave the inside of your home or garden more delicate and cozy?

Orchids belong to the family Orchidaceaes around the world and have more than 30 000 species and varieties, not counting hybrids – result from the crossing of other flowers or among themselves – and are considered among scholars, one of the most advanced plants flowers of all kinds.

The use of orchids is basically ornamental, since because of its variety, there are plants that have foliage not so attractive for commercialization, and is typically being wild. Although some orchids of the genus Vanilla, can be grown for the extraction and production of vanilla, the cost to obtain the substance is very high, since there are several other industrial resources that can be used and are cheaper.

But it is possible to grow it in their backyards, gardens, and decorate the interior of the houses with potted orchids. To plant them in farms and gardens, the first step is to identify your range of species and unlike what many do, they should not be planted directly into the ground, since excessive moisture causes them to die very quickly, and even without having been developed.

What is appropriate that they be planted in pots to be watered with a little water every day. It should also not be put plates under the pots, they also accumulate moisture and can cause no flower development. Some species do not need much light, so worth checking that upon acquisition of the plant. It is also important to make the flower reenvazamento at least every two years, because it runs the risk that he burst.