The Fashion Clothing of the 70s

Another fashion icon that endured over time: the fashion of the 70s! They came with everything to schedule a time, recording a time of revolution in behavior. The hippie style invaded the streets, the scene young and wardrobes.

Long skirts and printed or very Curtinhas were combined with Indian gowns. Pants-of-mouth and low waist bell conquered women. The platform shoes were finishing the look. All this without a rule, mixing prints and pieces from different part of the composition.

The salons were less crowded, because instead of elaborate hairstyles and entered the wires misaligned, which combined with the new costume. After all, the hippie movement was against the consumerist concepts. And with that, besides the decrease in trips to the salon, another option that took everything and very successful among the fashionistas of today are the famous thrift spaces that give the opportunity to dig for pieces of unique and amazing to make your own combination turn fashion. Clothing velvet, silk, satin and feather boas, gave the finishing look in style “Janis Joplin”.

Handmade pieces also earned their space in closets. It was at this time that the highly respected “patchwork” started to become popular, and today is considered a first-rate job which increasingly gaining appreciation.

Along with the thrift store and patchwork, was born more elaborate customization (different from 1940), also quoted much these days. Pockets in various embroidery, jeans, trousers and skirts was just the kickoff of this fashion. Collars made of precious stones and beads, beyond crochet bags and Indian hitchhiked this trend.

And beside the hippie trend came the style “disco” with a footprint more futuristic. In this scenario, bonded parts that marked his body began to appear influencing more young hipsters and hipsters. The unisex clothing also gained full power and started attending the wardrobes of a new generation of businesswomen.

The 1970s marked the history and were very well represented with fashion, so much so that even today, we can check their inheritances in the most prestigious catwalks.

The (retro) Fashion of the 90s

The 1990s undid all the mess caused by the previous decade. Clothes over cleans, cuts simplicity with straight lines, desembaralhavam sight of who was tired of all the extravagances of the 80s.

Now, the styles were highlighted: each person had his and ready. Each personality and attitude brought specific clothes that matched this or that person. Groups Clueless and preppies, Rockers, Alternative, Classical, Athletes, and Cheesy Country could be identified, because each one of them used which corresponded to their individuality. The idea of ​​mixing classic jacket with sweatpants (to practice sport) finally ended.

The traditional returned to stay. The black and white partnered and won the taste of many people. The colorful glaring before were pro carnival. Now sober white shirt reigned alongside sequinhos pantsuits, showing a clean look, stylish and contemporary.

In the United States, in Seattle, the grunge movement arose, direct ramifications of rock’n’roll. Leaders of music grunge bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam became a success among young alternative, who were concerned about finding references that supported his personality and his original concept. So fans of the bands, have adopted the costume of them: plaid shirts prints combined with ripped jeans and sneakers All Star identified who paid more attention to the content of the label.

The first retro fashion trends also gave the air of grace at this stage: the first readings of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s came right there, charming women on duty.

And as we can see, all of this was: fashion retro or vintage continues with strength in the streets, as well as grunge style (very democratic) still wears many young adults 15-40 years. Tennis All Star was considered simple, gained many fans who now has a new concept. The former All Star, Converse today, won colors and different models and is welcome in many outfits: jeans beyond, it can track suits and many others.

The plaid shirts also remained and are renewed each year with new colors, fabrics and details.