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brown rug for terrace

How to choose a Rug for External Environments

The carpet certainly gives that final touch to your decor, leaving your environment more cozy, contemporary, classic and refined, and stripped. The carpet should dress the house and despite the…

persian rugs

Models and Ideas of Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are an essential part of both art and culture of the Persians. The weaving of carpets and creation is certainly one of these manifestations of culture and art…

nylon carpet big room

Tips to Buy Carpets of Nylon

What are Nylon carpets and which one to buy? Often you need to find the right carpet to decorate your home and know how difficult this choice may be, thanks…

black carpet room big

Where to Buy Cheap Carpets?

It is a fact that every woman who has the same home or apartment may like to decorate it any way you want. For that women usually buy curtains, sofas,…

black carpet

How to Remove Pet Hair from Carpet?

Who has pets at home know too well how they can brighten our lives, even when there are those days that we are more stressed in tired, finishing always do…

colorful carpet

Learn How to Clean a Carpet

If you are tired of the old odor in your carpets, clean look with the method that we list below, you will make it look new and smell also new….