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Beautiful Boxer

All about Dogs Boxer Breed

In the race of boxer dogs, the harmony of forms is not separated from the multiple gifts of intelligence even character. This is a beautiful dog to work and exhibit….

Afghan Hound

Dogs Breed: Afghan Hound

Then learn a little more of this amazing and loving dog, and the reasons for having it in your home. The Afghan Hound dog breed is a dog looks very…

Chow Chow

Learn a Little More about the Breed Chow Chow

This is a truly amazing race, known as the Chinese Spitz in some countries, and has been spread throughout the world. It is a dog that has noble bearing, very…

Baby Puppy Golden Retriver

All about Dogs: Golden Retriever

The puppy Golden Labradors seem at first sight of long hair, but has the temperament much calmer. They are so quiet that they can live well in apartments. Family dog…

Beautiful Lhasa Apso

How to Take Care and Create Lhasas Apso

Companion, ideal for apartment by their small, quiet little late, but is always attentive and is very hygienic. All these qualities are met in Lhasa apso breeds originating from the…

Beautiful Pug

How to Take Care and Create Pug Dog

Dogs are really lovely. Faithful, loyal, do justice to the old adage that the best friends of healthy men. Already domesticated for over 10,000 years, there are several races and…