Bonsai Learn How to Make and Take Care

Bonsai is a tree known to represent a lesser extent, as a thumbnail and requires patience, modeling and pruning during cultivation. You can play the imperfections that a tree undergoes during growth, as a growing contorted trunk or trunk grown parallel to the ground due to wind, and even small forests.

When choosing the type of trees, opt for branches and small leaves, such as azalea or mini pomegranate, which has a rapidly growing, they can be grown from seed or buying the plant changes, with the use of wires is possible to model the tree branches until stabilization. The vessel of their bonsai should be shallow and wide, with holes for water drainage, is the vessel which will limit root growth limiting the size of the bonsai, may sometimes be transplanted during cultivation.

Making planting

During the transplant, make sure that the dead roots were extracted, cut two or three centimeters from the roots if necessary, and get attention so that no earth ground prior prey, the new ground will give more nutrient, ensuring plant growth . During the transplant, spread the roots and fix the trunk with the help of wire, which is attached to the drain, ensure the simplicity of the application of wire in the trunk as it will be removed later.

The roots will be crushed stone near the bottom of the vessel, and then place the substrate, which can be made with equal portions of sand, clay and humus, laying over the soil chosen respecting the rim of the pot, the beginning of the trunk must be flush with the ground. Settle the soil by pressing it lightly to compact, water leaving the soil moist, watering should be frequent due to few roots, done on time with milder temperatures and apply the fertilizer, book a room with low light and later, when the plant is already tight, take sun baths in the morning hours, hot days are needed up to two waterings per day.

Yellow leaves indicate too much light, too dark if light is missing, always look at the color until you find the ideal place for your bonsai, use the composting to meet the need of bonsai, inform yourself about the ideal type of fertilizer related the cultivated plant; perform the transplant when the roots completely dominating the length of the vessel, which can vary from two years, perform the procedure pruning of the roots, even his bonsai is not as young.