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black yellow refrigerator works

How Works a Refrigerator?

In almost 100% of the kitchens there is a refrigerator, and approximately 15 to 15 minutes you hear a motor turning, and it’s what keeps the refrigerated products without the…

buy a frigobar

What Frigobar Buy?

The dream of most people is to have a small refrigerator, which is also called a frigobar inside the room. And with that imagine the convenience of having a small…

big eletric oven

Tips for Buying an Electric Oven

The electric oven as well as microwave oven, a dishwasher and food processor is an appliance that promoted domestic practicality in the kitchens of all families. They have two cooking…

big microwave

How to Buy the Best Microwave?

The microwave oven was born in 1940, after discovering heating the water after receiving a lot of electromagnetic waves. Undoubtedly, the microwave oven was one of the greatest inventions of…

arno mixer

Household Goods: Tips to Buy a Mixer

The mixer is a household utensil that can not miss in your kitchen, so be sure to evaluate some options to choose the right piece. Remember that the success of…

built in cooktop

Tips for Buying a Great Cooktop

The cooktop is one of the newest accessories for your kitchen. Besides modern and efficient, he came to bring more beauty to the environment and facilitate their day to day….