All About Siamese Cats

The cats, also known as domestic cats and pets, are very popular and belong to the cat family. Natural predators, esteem – that cats are domesticated and human companionship more than 9,500 years, and the practice of having them at home occurred in what is now Africa. Today there are about 250 species of domestic cats worldwide, whose ratings vary in size small and medium. One of the most sought after races to take home as a pet is the Siamese Cat , whose origin likely occurred in Southeast Asia, specifically in present-day Thailand.

Graceful, independent, intelligent and very sociable, Siamese cats are characterized by having short hair and always stuck to the body, besides having very fine texture. Blue-eyed, may have slight color variations in their coats – white as cream, the most common and appreciated by people, dark brown, chocolate brown, the latter resulting from genetic variations, since the ends of the legs, the color can also be slightly grayish. Siamese cats are very slender but muscular, elegant and refined. The Siamese breed males are always larger than females, but both have the lanky body and have heads in triangular shapes.

Also known as “the princes of cats”, due to its physical size and elegance, the cats should be mated early, especially the females, which, according to veterinarians even become hysterical during estrus. They tend to roll across the floor, meowing all the time, almost as if they were children newly – born crying. And after a month of mating is already possible to note that the teats are prepared to receive a litter of kittens which are born and whiten, whose behavior right from the start is similar to that of adult cats.

Siamese cats with their owners maintain a very great affection, almost resemble dogs in this regard. Like caresses and cuddles, especially in the neck region. Also need some special care when they are domesticated: the coat needs daily brushing them for removing the dead and dust that accumulates on your hair. They can live up to 15 years, although they do not receive proper care, sick easily.

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