Meet the Eyeball Tattoo in the Eyes

The body modifications are practically a universe that is constantly changing, the amount of new techniques introduced in the impress. And like everything related to body modification generates controversy would be no different with the tattoos, but in this case the tattoos made on the eyeball.

This new technique is called Eyeball tattoo, it is the application of paint in eyeball filling the whole “white eyes”.

It is common for people who are interested in this technique already have some sort of tattoo or other body modification. In general this audience has unusual interests and mostly are passionate about tattoos.

Tattooing the eye region for many people may be considered crazy, but there are those who really want to make this change, at least unexpected.

The Eyeball tattoo is a procedure that allows to color the white part of the eye, the eyeball, the ink is injected into this layer through a special needle. This procedure costs on average $ 1000 and can last up to two hours. The colors used are varied, ranging from black to neon shades. They are all imported and have different texture to conventional Furthermore, the needle is virtually particular it functions as a syringe.

Importantly, there are very few professionals trained to perform this technique, in Brazil there is only one person with sufficient technical expertise to perform the job.

According to the professionals who apply the technique this method does not cause any pain and much less risk to the eyes, but health experts ensure that this is an invasive and dangerous therefore can cause severe internal inflammation that leads even loss of vision.

Studies and research on the eyeball has been conducted since 2007 by several American professionals. Many consider this risky technique and experimental.

Ophthalmologists point out the dangers of this technique since today all artists performing practices are self-taught.