Learn more about Flowers: Daisy

Inverse of what most people think, the name Daisy is not given for a single flower, but for many aspects similar flowers that were given this name so popular. The best known are the white and yellow daisies. Are flowers originating in the Northern Hemisphere and present existential records of more than a thousand years.

Several ancient civilizations have developed a tray surrounded by white and yellow daisies, with stronger colors in the middle with the purpose to cure eye problems.

These plants do not tend to be very demanding with respect to the soil for growing flowers should be watered several times in small quantities. Usually marketed in arrangements and potted flowers ideas but are to be grown in gardens.

Flowers are often delicate and should be handled always light hands.

This plant became known worldwide due to a play on its petals, which each petal represent a positive or negative feeling. The petals are then plucked one by one and the last one should answer the traditional question and want me or marigold.

The little daisies, especially the yellow coloration are not very uitlizadas in cooking, but despite this some cultures use it in salads and also decorate dishes.

In medicine the plant was initially used by Anglo Saxon in various healing rituals involving magical practices. And in modern medicine is what happens with many other flowers, used in alternative therapies such as aromatherapy, crtomaterapia. A flower that has a gentle beauty and delicate daisy is widely used for decoration of hospital environments, it is believed that the particular characteristics considered this flower can give her soothing properties.

Curiously enough, the fact that a small flower and delicate as daisy can adapt so easily to various soil types, as well as involving legends and symbols considered as old. Currently many representatives of food and cooks has been developing several dishes based on various flowers, and one of the dishes is certainly considered common Daisy caramel.