What are the Advantages of Mineral Makeup?

Every woman knows that makeup is crucial, but even more important than it is to know what types of products they are using. It is recommended to know its composition, check expiration dates and other details.

Some substances that form part of the composition of the makeup products can cause allergies due or overuse and especially in people prone to allergies.

The type of makeup most suitable pair all people are the mineral line. Mineral products are free of many chemicals, preservatives, fragrances, dyes and oils, so do not cause any type of allergy or skin irritation.

In general, minerals have cosmetic titanium dioxide, iron oxide, zinc oxide and bismuth chloride are milled and turned into powder and give rise to several products.

People with sensitive skin or acneic should give preference for this type of cosmetic, because the minerals are excellent natural anti-inflammatories and protect the skin from sunlight.

Women with oily skin can use this type of makeup normally, since they do not clog pores not interfering in the production of natural sebum of the skin and still have soothing action.

It is worth noting that the durability of any mineral cosmetic is greater than the others, since the absence of synthetic dyes extends its life.

The eyeshadows, compact powders, blushes and illuminators minerals has great durability, good variety in color and its application does not differ from the others. Are easily found in specialty stores and available in several brands.

The price of the mineral line is usually a bit more expensive than others, but its benefits will no doubt beyond.
People with skin problems in general should consult the dermatologist for it authorizes the regular use of these products, after all it can only evaluate your case.

Makeup: How to use Kajal

In the ideal makeup is highlight one specific point of the face, in the case of the eyes is important to value and enhance the look with the right products and the right way. Too much or too loaded a eyeshadow can make the look heavy and inappropriate for certain occasions.

A good option to let the eyes well marked is to use kajal pencil. Created in India thousands of years ago, it is used by most of the local population, it is traditional for men, women and even children. Initially it was used to protect the eyes from possible inflammation and also believed that he frightened the evil spirits.

For us Westerners, kajal pencil is retractable to look and feel similar to a crayon , its pigment is very strong and has excellent durability, can be used as eyeliner or as shade. Can be found in the form of pencil, stick or powder.

In India and Morocco, women have the habit of preparing the same kajal at home, using a special blend that contains carbon, cloves, cinnamon and pepper.

The types of kajal in pencil or stick are quite common, as they are easier to use. Its application is equal to the common eye pencil. To make the trace outlined, touch the tip of kajal in the desired location and slide slowly, avoid touching the product. According to the position of the feature point may exit thinner or thicker.

The kajal powder requires more skill in application, it usually comes with a brush or a rod. First touch the stem of the product on the inner corner of the eye, and he closed with slide rod to the outer corner.

Usually the pigment kajal is strong and if you blur the edges, the ideal is to clean with a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover.

The makeup made ​​with kajal lets look sensual, well marked. So avoid weighing in blush and lipstick color, make a make more balanced.

The Fashion Clothing of the 70s

Another fashion icon that endured over time: the fashion of the 70s! They came with everything to schedule a time, recording a time of revolution in behavior. The hippie style invaded the streets, the scene young and wardrobes.

Long skirts and printed or very Curtinhas were combined with Indian gowns. Pants-of-mouth and low waist bell conquered women. The platform shoes were finishing the look. All this without a rule, mixing prints and pieces from different part of the composition.

The salons were less crowded, because instead of elaborate hairstyles and entered the wires misaligned, which combined with the new costume. After all, the hippie movement was against the consumerist concepts. And with that, besides the decrease in trips to the salon, another option that took everything and very successful among the fashionistas of today are the famous thrift spaces that give the opportunity to dig for pieces of unique and amazing to make your own combination turn fashion. Clothing velvet, silk, satin and feather boas, gave the finishing look in style “Janis Joplin”.

Handmade pieces also earned their space in closets. It was at this time that the highly respected “patchwork” started to become popular, and today is considered a first-rate job which increasingly gaining appreciation.

Along with the thrift store and patchwork, was born more elaborate customization (different from 1940), also quoted much these days. Pockets in various embroidery, jeans, trousers and skirts was just the kickoff of this fashion. Collars made of precious stones and beads, beyond crochet bags and Indian hitchhiked this trend.

And beside the hippie trend came the style “disco” with a footprint more futuristic. In this scenario, bonded parts that marked his body began to appear influencing more young hipsters and hipsters. The unisex clothing also gained full power and started attending the wardrobes of a new generation of businesswomen.

The 1970s marked the history and were very well represented with fashion, so much so that even today, we can check their inheritances in the most prestigious catwalks.

Be Careful about the Meaning of Tattoos

Over the years the concept of tattoos has changed a lot, the ideals evolved and much of the prejudice was broken, but you can still find people who disapprove of the technique.

Nowadays tattoos are more common than a few years ago, the techniques used have also evolved and it is possible to find highly qualified professionals.

It is noteworthy that the relationship between tattooing and professional life can be affected depending on the person’s profession.

Each tattoo carries feeling, a special history, etc.. There are those who do homage through drawings, phrases and names. Some pictures may even be considered silly or strange, but the fact is that it carries a lot of sense to anyone who carries it.

Many people take up to months to set the design to be tattooed, the numerous options hinder this process. It takes quite discretion and care, especially those who want to tattoo oriental ideograms, phrases in another language, etc.. is common to identify with these symbols and finds them beautiful for a tattoo, but you need to make sure their meaning.

Every choice must have criteria, do research, use the internet to make sure of the origin and meaning of the design, phrase, etc..

Do not be fooled by just visual, several figures can be visually beautiful, ideal for a tattoo, as is the case of the ideograms, but make sure before the real meaning be careful.

Another caution is essential in the choice of professional, there are several on the market but you need to choose a really competent. Many tattoos require precise lines as is the case of phrases, not just simply copy the sentence and takes precision and experience to get the job beautiful.

Know before you rate the work of professional, have a conversation prior to clarify possible doubts. It is not enough just to have absolute certainty of the chosen design.

The workplace of the professional must also be evaluated, as well as your business license and especially the hygiene of the place. These are some very important safety measures.

Stay tuned at the price charged, be wary of very low values. If possible, ask friends indication of a professional.

The (retro) Fashion of the 90s

The 1990s undid all the mess caused by the previous decade. Clothes over cleans, cuts simplicity with straight lines, desembaralhavam sight of who was tired of all the extravagances of the 80s.

Now, the styles were highlighted: each person had his and ready. Each personality and attitude brought specific clothes that matched this or that person. Groups Clueless and preppies, Rockers, Alternative, Classical, Athletes, and Cheesy Country could be identified, because each one of them used which corresponded to their individuality. The idea of ​​mixing classic jacket with sweatpants (to practice sport) finally ended.

The traditional returned to stay. The black and white partnered and won the taste of many people. The colorful glaring before were pro carnival. Now sober white shirt reigned alongside sequinhos pantsuits, showing a clean look, stylish and contemporary.

In the United States, in Seattle, the grunge movement arose, direct ramifications of rock’n’roll. Leaders of music grunge bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam became a success among young alternative, who were concerned about finding references that supported his personality and his original concept. So fans of the bands, have adopted the costume of them: plaid shirts prints combined with ripped jeans and sneakers All Star identified who paid more attention to the content of the label.

The first retro fashion trends also gave the air of grace at this stage: the first readings of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s came right there, charming women on duty.

And as we can see, all of this was: fashion retro or vintage continues with strength in the streets, as well as grunge style (very democratic) still wears many young adults 15-40 years. Tennis All Star was considered simple, gained many fans who now has a new concept. The former All Star, Converse today, won colors and different models and is welcome in many outfits: jeans beyond, it can track suits and many others.

The plaid shirts also remained and are renewed each year with new colors, fabrics and details.

How to Buy the Perfect Woman Shoe

Most women have almost a compulsion for shoes in general, few resist the shoes of shop windows, it is always necessary to have one more in the collection.

For every occasion there is a proper shoe, it is always necessary to evaluate some questions before choosing the best shoes for a certain time.

Many women like shoes with heels, but there are those who do not leave the comfort of a good shoe for day to day and mostly tennis is preferred.

Undoubtedly tennis is a favorite of most people, but women tend to be more demanding specially regarding combination and fashion.

Nowadays, we can find in the market lots of athletic shoes women, each with a purpose, but all aiming foot comfort.

Many women wear shoes to go to the gym or play a sport, but some people prefer to use them also to go to the grocery store or walk the mall.

Thinking about the big brands of athletic shoes created options tailored specifically for the female audience. Currently we can find options that match virtually all types of clothing.

The materials used are always very varied, the most common are various leather and synthetic materials. Many have internal damping system that reduces impact on joints, Palminhas have other anatomical which are specially designed to suit the shape of the foot, among others.

Among the most sought after models in the shops for women are the models: Low Aditennis the Adidas Clima Cool Nike, Puma and several models of Asics.

The versatility of athletic shoes has options to please everyone. In the case of women, they have excellent workmanship, comfort, more delicate design and colorful details. Moreover, they are made from the world fashion trends, ie, new models are launched every season.

When choosing a shoe you need to identify where it will be used and for what purpose. Next time the comfort of your own style and trampled should be taken into consideration.