Wedding Favors Ideas

Tips on how to choose your wedding favors:

The favor wedding is a way to thank your guests for sharing this special moment and so happy with you. Before she was synonymous with Magnet, Hawaiian and almonds, now also has the great creativity of the couple, increasingly innovating.

As soon as the invitation is the presentation of its conclusion to the guest, the impression early, how is the invitation to impress the guest, the souvenirs are to leave the grooms thanks for being so important at this time of life. Some fled and others dream of getting married and in fact, is one of the happiest moments in the life of a human being, because when love comes, it is the destiny of uniting two people to live happily till death do us part .


The wedding favors are becoming more modern and full of creativity, these mementos are increasingly different enough to call attention grooms and guests, which is what the bride and groom want, of course. Something new and different to show to the guests and make that arrest your attention.

The current models of wedding favors ideas are quite varied, you will find many boxes, many slippers stamping with caricatures of the couple, also many other souvenirs, all very well done. But if you decide well in advance to give the right time to be ready all the souvenirs and the number is really big choice to advance even more. Normally a souvenir at each table, one for each family, see your guest list to get a sense of how many favors are needed.

Some ideas for favors:

Flower towel, rose made with a hand towel, custom tins, five models of tins to put what you feel like.

Couples in biscuit, five models of couples in biscuit made to be used as a magnet, door scraps and cover pots. Favors eco-friendly, two suggestions for souvenirs that help preserve nature. Gifts to grooms athletes, six suggestions for souvenirs specially chosen for grooms athletes.