Wedding Favors Ideas

Tips on how to choose your wedding favors:

The favor wedding is a way to thank your guests for sharing this special moment and so happy with you. Before she was synonymous with Magnet, Hawaiian and almonds, now also has the great creativity of the couple, increasingly innovating.

As soon as the invitation is the presentation of its conclusion to the guest, the impression early, how is the invitation to impress the guest, the souvenirs are to leave the grooms thanks for being so important at this time of life. Some fled and others dream of getting married and in fact, is one of the happiest moments in the life of a human being, because when love comes, it is the destiny of uniting two people to live happily till death do us part .


The wedding favors are becoming more modern and full of creativity, these mementos are increasingly different enough to call attention grooms and guests, which is what the bride and groom want, of course. Something new and different to show to the guests and make that arrest your attention.

The current models of wedding favors ideas are quite varied, you will find many boxes, many slippers stamping with caricatures of the couple, also many other souvenirs, all very well done. But if you decide well in advance to give the right time to be ready all the souvenirs and the number is really big choice to advance even more. Normally a souvenir at each table, one for each family, see your guest list to get a sense of how many favors are needed.

Some ideas for favors:

Flower towel, rose made with a hand towel, custom tins, five models of tins to put what you feel like.

Couples in biscuit, five models of couples in biscuit made to be used as a magnet, door scraps and cover pots. Favors eco-friendly, two suggestions for souvenirs that help preserve nature. Gifts to grooms athletes, six suggestions for souvenirs specially chosen for grooms athletes.

Ideal Saloon for the Wedding Party

Here’s how to choose the right one for your wedding saloon:

One of the most important choices in time to prepare and plan your wedding is the final choice of saloon they will prepare the reception of guests. This is a difficult choice that few couples are lucky enough not to be determined by the budget of the event, which greatly limits the options of companies and types of saloon offered.

Researching and deciding

As much as the money saved for the party is short, you can not simply accept the saloon for the neighborhood because it is cheap and the beer is on track. For such a choice is required and previous research done with complete care, that no unforeseen happen and for guests to have the care they deserve. And this mix of partial reduction of costs and requirements, we opt for a simple saloon but quality.

After all, it is preferable that guests are all there, the budget for the saloon offers a service for all, than to have a party for a few friends over indulging the closest relatives. And a simple saloon does not mean a poor party. In general, the larger the advance at the time of research, the greater the chance of finding a good service and cheap.

Types of saloon

There are types of saloon that can be chosen and combined according to the taste and possibilities grooms, and that directly influence the party and also the expenses involved with her. The cocktail is the first one, a simple way to serve and please your guests with snacks and canapés quality, and drink more plentiful.

This mode dispenses dining tables and so can be cheaper than purchasing the economy salted specialized companies that sell a lot with very low unit price. The self-service is a service that works as well as the restaurants named, and which can satisfy the guests in a more complete way. Need dining tables, but in this case the economy is on account of the waiters, who are not required on this occasion.

The formal dining tends to be more expensive to have a more elaborate composition: starter, main course and dessert. For this type of saloon is necessary to properly enumerate the tables and put each family in its place, each with a defined position in the invitation to the party. Anyway, the couple should seek the ideal way to please everyone without busting the budget. If leftover money, a composition of types of saloon can also be created. If this is not the case, seek the maximum of quality and service to the people who will witness the most important moment in the life of the couple.

How Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress?

Tips for finding the perfect wedding dress?

Choose the perfect wedding dress

The bride’s dress is undoubtedly the most important part of a marriage that has been dreamed repeatedly until you reach the big time, and should translate the personality of the wearer. The question is where to find the perfect dress, the dress of dreams? S some tips on where to start looking.

Before you go shopping

Before anything, search, and search a lot. Websites, blogs, magazines are great places to start. Look for cuts, styles, fabrics and other aspects that will draw attention. Talk to your friends to see what you are most adept. And most importantly, choose a dress in which you feel good, comfortable dress, so you do not lose the smile in time for “yes.” Remember, you have to recognize the dress, it has to be a part of your body, so do not spare the time to do such research. Cut parts of dresses and accessories that most caught his attention, so you reduce the possibilities and only then find the ideal wedding dress.


Go shopping

After done this research you will know exactly what they want, we need to know where to look. You can find ready-made garments even the internet, but remember, it is best that you try your wedding dress, and allow to fine-tune the previous week. There are shops specializing in rentals of wedding dresses in your town, look for one, do not leave to the last minute.

In some of these places you can also make some adjustments so that the dress be more to your face. But still the best solution to not miss with the dress is a designer look. Present your ideas, tell you a little about his personality, he will know how to make the dress you dreamed about.

According om your body type, you have a dress that looks splendid, an ideal fabric for the occasion, if your wedding is a day, maybe a lighter dress, if your wedding is at night, a tissue more glamorous. The occasion calls for patience, plan correctly and on time wedding just short the praise that night that will stay forever in your memory.

Tips to Make a Perfect Bride’s Day

One of the most important days of a woman’s life is the day of the bride and of course one of the most nervous too. Most women can barely sleep the night before that predates the famous “Bride’s Day“, because they want everything to go right and the bride is the most beautiful woman in marriage, consequently. The great and famous bride’s day is the day that every woman receives treatment and care needed to be properly beautiful and wonderful for your dreamed wedding.

For this it is very important to stay calm, very difficult, because soon it will be the most important day of your life, but nothing to do with the nervousness really sure. You women should completely relax and enjoy your wedding day, because for many women, the next day the bride will be only their daughters or granddaughters. So enjoy your day and let the professionals you trust to do the job right, but stay tuned, because we really have to leave everything the way you planned wedding, with quiet joy, everything flows properly, to shine in altar and will impress all your guests.


The first step to be established, is the arrival time for the bride and photographer. Many brides end up coming very soon to make room for the bride’s day complete, be careful, remember that the wedding is very stressful and goes into the wee hours, divide steps for days before the event. On the wedding day, try to wake up late and make a beautiful and fancy lunch. Photographers normally reach the making of 3 hours before the scheduled time for the ceremony, with this weather, to play a little with the dress, jewelry, shoes and all other accessories that are part of your big day, it is your wedding.

A very interesting tip for brides, the dress is always take on a swivel hanger, those with the head of the hanger rotates well and has more options of places to photograph the dress. Depending on the salon, you can anticipate the time of the wedding, it is important for the bride to know the exact time of the start of makeup to precisely tell your photographer to do anything wrong. During the making of, worth taking cereal bars, eat again until the bride takes a lot, so it’s always good to be fed, it also applies to the team that accompanies it, energy is a key element of success at the time of the photos.

Choose a specific room for photos, find a location that is well lit and very spacious especially since the bride, makeup artist, hair stylist, assistant makeup artist, photographer, videographer and assistant occupy the same space and can be uncomfortable and affect the photos Also. Air conditioning in the room is essential, because the heat and makeup are not allies and did not match at all. The more beautiful the room is, the better the choices of places to explore photos of the bride and that is what makes the difference in the salon. Beware of sites that show the bride’s room, but do not use makeup for the bride, only to change, the bride’s room helps a lot in photos and makes a lot more comfortable, always look for a place that has that room.

Godfathers and Godmothers Wedding Clothes

Clothing Tips for Godparents:

Check out how to make the fashion and godparents

An important part of the wedding ceremony is the general direction of the sponsors regarding the general conduct within marriage awaited. And one of the most important guidelines as to their presence, the key points of every celebration, as the outfit is to be used by them in the church. As they will have pride of place and will be seen by all guests present, besides having held captive in the photos should be correctly oriented to be no inconvenience or embarrassment.

What not to wear

Hardly have any problems with costume godfather. As the costume for men is almost standard, such as suits and tuxedos, there’s not much to guide and ask about the groomsmen. Guidelines fast how to avoid ties and fancy socks are valid.

So the question is due to the bridesmaids, with more color options and designs of dresses can unintentionally (for lack of experience even in marriage) commit any inconvenience. And the first guidelines regarding Godmother costume is due to the basic colors: black and white. Dresses these essential colors for the bridesmaids are forbidden, and this must be specified in the invitation to their special ceremony.

Black is avoided because we do not want any gaffe with bridesmaids dress alike. The little black dress is a style that looks good on everyone, and if allowed there are high chances of being chosen for more than one of these prominent ladies. And white, of course, is exclusive of the bride. Incidentally, the wedding etiquette states that the bride is the only white in the church, so that guidance can be passed to all guests.


The initial guidelines on how to dress the bridesmaids will leave the bride. It is she who chooses the length of the dresses, and the general tone of all the bridesmaids for your big day. So it is normal for a meeting before the event to clarify things like this, so let the bridesmaids choose to secure your dress within the standards presented.

If anything you’re told and you’re the godmother, ask the person closest to the bride, bridesmaid or to another for the bride herself, to avoid embarrassment to the feast. After receiving guidelines, depart for choosing a dress that you feel beautiful and very well. Avoid exaggerated necklines or openings, as well as many prints, glitter or any kind of tail. You can follow protocol and still come out beautiful in wedding photos.

Where to Buy Wedding Cake?

Check out tips on where to buy your wedding cake:

The wedding is coming and you still do not know where to buy the cake for the wedding? Do not waste time and check out many tips for the time the most important moment of your life, do not ugly and will let everyone around you happy with one of the biggest celebrations of his life and the cake has to be with glamour and the face of inviteds.

On this day so important and so happy for the couple, nothing can pass unnoticed, everything has to be properly with the face of lovebirds, from dress, suit, decor, bouquet, wedding, church, and also the wedding cake, everything should be made with much love and affection, so that when the moment happier and more importantly, nothing wrong.

The cake is something essential to wedding. Without having a cake during the ceremony, the wedding is not complete and not complete. The importance of the wedding cake is conveyed in cultural tradition, as the best way to celebrate the happiness of two people. Flowers and wedding cakes are two important aspects of a wedding, but surely that is not considered cheap.

Some couples spend months and months, even years to set your inviteds, clothing, decor and godparents and decorated cake for the wedding. The ideas vary greatly taste grooms, depending on your creativity and exclusivity.


The several themes can be found in wedding cakes, you can even search the internet, pictures to illustrate what should be stamped on the cake, as his figure and his or her, holding hands, or the groom taking the Bride in her lap, among other games, people make time to put the bride and groom figurines on top of cake. See a baker, they usually have various examples of decorated wedding cake, but another very important tip is to go looking for the cake early, leaving to the last minute.


Whatever your wedding style, he will be present for his whole life in

Classic white models produce effect artwork. The trends of cakes are more detailed and with new colors, but also has those white gets more colorful ribbons and new colors and also those with less who are also making a difference in weddings.