Toys For Children Under 3 years

The Care That Must Be Taken At Time Of Purchase Of The Toys For Children Under Three Years In

Play is part of the universe and of any child should be legislative requirement. The act of playing not only entertains, it also encourages the development of certain movements, develops creativity, socialization and interaction of children from an early age in the world. Whether the games are in a group or individual, but they should be encouraged, respected and educated. So it is so important that parents constantly participate in this process and make the right choices when purchasing toys that are offered to small.

When the child begins the process of refined perception of the world, around four or five months, she can participate in various games stimulus individual or group. She also at this stage, is already prepared to receive the first of his life. Thus, a concern that must be constantly on the part of parents is to choose the right toy for every stage of its development.

This involves doing research on the toys, and check even among those who were presented to the child, were also inspected by specific agencies to analyze children’s toys and received the seals of quality. Toys can not break for nothing. Also if they are intended for children from 0 to three years may not hold small parts because they can be swallowed by babies, put in the nostrils or ears.

Just like the attention to stimuli made in children, we can not offer any toy to her. There are several options for all ages. Just because a toy has lights and sounds will please him or be the best. Sometimes, even these types that are coveted by, frighten, especially minors, who do not have identification with that electronic pet or that doll removable. A centipede that moves and plays music may not be the ideal gift for a baby for four or five months old. I value common sense always helps in correctly.

Toys for Babies: Baby Activity Mat

Baby Activity Mat Toys Are Great Options For Finding Who Is The World

Babies there for about four months now intensely interested by outside stimuli that surround them. They look for the colors, the sounds, accompanying the movements with the eyes of adults. They already have more muscle governed this stage, then they raise the legs, stretch your arms, trying to pull whatever they find or reach the front.

At this stage of child development, the stimuli must be redoubled with the babies, so they enhance their motor skills, visual and auditory. So it is very important to promote several different activities and offer them appropriate toys and to assist in the process. Mobiles, building blocks, toys with nipples are good options to have at home.

Another very cool option for those who are discovering the world are the Baby Activity Mat. This arcs have fixed bases with various toys attached or hung, may be placed on the floor, and the baby sits beneath them. Thus, babies move their little arms and legs in an attempt to grab or touch the toys that hang from the arch. Thus, they increase the strength in your muscles and play a lot with these attempts.

From the simplest to the most sophisticated, there are plenty of models available in the market which can be purchased at specialty stores or sites in children’s items. One suggestion is to build a really cool area of ​​stimulation for babies at home. EVA with colorful carpets laid out on the floor, he has to avoid direct contact with the floor temperature, the baby can be placed back on it and position the Baby Activity Mat so he can play there safe and happily under constant supervision of an adult for at least an hour every day.

The Baby Activity Mat are accessories that are well worth being acquired. There are even models that can be mounted in several different geometric shapes. There are also models imported arches which allow the child to lean on it when they are starting to stand up. In this case, the attention of playing time spent by parents should be doubled so there are no accidents.

Electronics Toys for Babies and Kids

Toys And Electronics Technology: When Babies And Children can start using them?

Toys are part of the child’s universe and that is indisputable. Babies begin developing perception of the world, back in the three months to live, and it is important for parents to encourage and also enjoy the small start to give them the first toys of their lives. At this stage, the objects chosen are generally plush, and colorful mobiles that play music or have lights because they attract the attention of babies, making them apurem senses visual, auditory and tactile.

When they are bigger, sit on stage and engatinhas, around five or six months, they begin to enjoy toys that stimulate motor coordination: Snaps blocks, bricks to assemble, houses with geometric pieces, or other toys that also the move, make sounds imitating car horns, animal sounds or even play classical music.

However, in recent times, babies and kids go well early, on account of the various technological stimuli that surround them. Play only with objects traditionally designed for them, they do not always arouse the children’s interest initially designed by parents and manufacturers.

Therefore, each time sooner they are playing with the technological devices of parents. Even television sets, which often play the role of baby monitors, have lost the time for cell phones, computers and tablets. The market for toy manufacturing has realized this and has invested heavily in trying to reproduce some of the toys that have technological functions of equipment coveted by children.

Increasingly technology, they want at any cost to move them on devices that arouse curiosity and distinct for they have no mystery in its operation. Often a mother deliver a baby less than a year your phone so that it is touching the touchscreen seeking to quench their curiosity.

Have older children, between one and a half to two already know asking for this tablet itself, or appropriate the parent devices. And these, in turn, also have realized that technological toys can distract and calm the children, allowing them to do their jobs in peace.

The question has been much discussed even in academic circles. There is a definite answer, to allow children to have contact with size computers, tablets and phones as early, they may have some impairment in their training. When the games burst, also believed that cognitive training could hinder those who spent a few hours playing.

In fact, we can not escape from modernity. She is to serve and improve the lives of man. The new generation of babies and children belong to this universe. Depriving them of contact technology for fear of the unknown, is not smart. But what counts is always common sense. Keep them constantly connected, connected, yeah can deprive them of learning to play the soft fur of a teddy bear eternal or contact with other games that are promoted in childhood.

Tips for Buying Gift for Girls: Dolls

Dolls For Girls: An Infinity Of Options To Encourage (and Cheer) the kids

One of the most important moments in a person’s life is undoubtedly childhood. This is where all references are built to accompany the adult. The first toys, first travels, memories and memories are really built for a lifetime. For this reason, the toys are connected so as to memories intrinsic girls in particular when dealing dolls that accompany this step.

Dolls are toys that are always in high and never fail to have the liveliness and appreciation of girls. The models range from the most traditional possible, as the eternal rag dolls, even with the inclusion of technologies that make them talk, and sing until they pee to be exchanged by their owners.

The kids, even the smallest, around six months, a mad bag of toys and very early, go crazy because of future girlfriends exposed sectors of dolls.

Traditionally, this type of toy is usually linked to the feminine universe, because it was believed that the girl playing with dolls, quickly identified himself with the affairs maternal, like changing diapers, bottle feeding, put them to sleep, and countless other gender .

But the dolls can be much more than that. They enchant girls, and sometimes boys anytime childhood. When there are more babies, dolls and colored cloth is a good choice. Why not have small parts that can come off easily and cause accidents, they may be the ideal companion to those who already recognize how another child, the doll itself.

Have the older girls, between two or more years, are enchanted by the exquisite models: those that mimic babies, emitting sounds, or even those with electronic components and tend to reproduce some real human movement.

Success even among girls who have passed the age of three are models that mimic dolls and princesses that famous doll already a cinquentona. For these, there are models on the market in droves and values ​​often astronomical.

The important thing when choosing both parents of daughters and make sure they do not bring small parts that come off easily, as they can cause unwanted accidents in the hour of fun.