Knowing a Little More About the Peacock

Who ever heard the phrase “appears as a peacock”? The existence of this expression is due to a bird of the most beautiful of his family: himself, the peacock. Known for having a tail colorful and plentiful plumage, the peacock – the family of phasianidae, can also be recognized as a pheasant, given its origin and category.

From Asia – Pakistan, Sri Lanka and India, the peacock has been regarded as a sacred bird among the Hindus, who could not even kill a bird like this, since they could be punished by the gods. It is, today, a bird considered ornamental, since they can be found outside of its natural habitat – in parks and public gardens.

These birds can reach 2 meters in height (including the tail which has on average 80 cm) and weigh up to 4 pounds. The females are generally smaller than males. This bird has a tail that, when opened, shows a very particular plumage: resembles a very colorful range, and at the end of each sentence, there is a round brilliant ocellus (eye). The plumage can be seen in the colors black, white and purple. There are birds flying, get to fly short distances, must first make a short run, which makes them very awkward.

Peacock does not usually go unnoticed, not only because of its beauty and physical traits, but also because of the strong sound, loud and typical that most resembles a scream.

They feed on fruit, seeds, leaves, rose petals, small insects, small mammals, and even some reptiles. Power is always twice a day.

Are territorial and during the mating season , it becomes more visible. Quarrelsome , males compete for female and territory with shouts and many pecks . Are not monogamous . The number of males females mate while the process lasts day and night. They open their tails in order to gain as many females as possible. They , after nesting , usually put 4-7 eggs, which are incubated for up to 28 days.

A peacock is the average life expectancy of 30 years.