Ideas for Birthday Party Theme: Fairy

Kids Parties: Use Very Felt Biscuits and to Create a Garden Of Fairies

Increasingly parents seek specialized services in organizing children’s parties to realize the dream of her son take their celebration a scenario that carry the dreams of any child. And thinking especially girls, and of any age, a theme very cool is the development of a fairy garden. Although the subject is very common, it can be completely redesigned and thus gets a personalized with the characteristics of the child.

To develop the theme, abuse and use of materials and resources to craft personalized. Line the table with green felt or if you prefer, make a carpet bulletproof coconut packed in paper Rococo – green. Thus, it creates a fake grass, and which may be placed on it the other traditional sweets that can never miss a children’s party. Fairies in biscuits, miniature trees, mushrooms, birds in felt, MDF type chairs, garden fairy houses made of edible cookie-decorating may select the main table, and cake that can be theatrically, as well as stoats and other flowers to create a garden fairy.

Leave to serve the real after congratulations, it is possible that there is any kind of waste. Do not overdo the disposal of sweets at the head table too, if it gets too heavy to decoration, make a table piece for a larger amount that will be served along with the cake. Put potted flowers in the environment, instead of traditional gas balloons inflated, they are a treat in the environment and can be brought by the guests as part of the souvenir. Important to put little tags with the child’s name on all sweets, trees and vases of flowers to get well customized.

Hire a good caterer, with a light and tasty menu – also do not forget to hire monitors that can perform various fun activities and lively with the children.

For souvenirs, a hint very special guests such carry a CD with a little short of fairy birthday preferred?