How to Decorate the Kids Room?

Small rooms for children are a real problem, and even worse is when the reduced space should include one, two or more siblings. How should we decorate a room for two children? And when the child is growing and we need to give a space for a baby? What should be done? According to experts in the field, the ideal is to always go back to the room decor to the eldest son. Here are some very interesting tips on how to decorate the nursery.

First a statement quite interesting, is to pull a little more room when it comes to decorating for older, this will be embarrassed in an environment that can be very childish. When dealing with a boy and girl in the same place, always try to use materials and decorative items which are neutral. Make every corner with the face of each, even without much contrast as to create a confusion of information.

For children who want a more fun, there are shops that specialize in designs for children’s rooms. According to experts it is important to hear the desire of every one of the children to their space. Sometimes what it could complicate his parents. There are people who think that a room football needs all themed, all pink and princess. And it need not be so. Few items may meet the children. A large bunk for example is a big dream for children but certainly not all rosy.

Kids love bunk. At first everyone likes but there comes a time that no one else wants to sleep on top. Maintaining change of linen is complicated, it can choose to look for two beds.

An interesting idea, is a murphy bed in the wall, this can help you to get small environment less polluted.

Another interesting alternative is a module bunk with separate cabinets for each brother, fits well in small rooms because they do not need much space. The colors may also change according to your need. Blue for the brothers and sisters to pink or both if they are boy and girl.