Godfathers and Godmothers Wedding Clothes

Clothing Tips for Godparents:

Check out how to make the fashion and godparents

An important part of the wedding ceremony is the general direction of the sponsors regarding the general conduct within marriage awaited. And one of the most important guidelines as to their presence, the key points of every celebration, as the outfit is to be used by them in the church. As they will have pride of place and will be seen by all guests present, besides having held captive in the photos should be correctly oriented to be no inconvenience or embarrassment.

What not to wear

Hardly have any problems with costume godfather. As the costume for men is almost standard, such as suits and tuxedos, there’s not much to guide and ask about the groomsmen. Guidelines fast how to avoid ties and fancy socks are valid.

So the question is due to the bridesmaids, with more color options and designs of dresses can unintentionally (for lack of experience even in marriage) commit any inconvenience. And the first guidelines regarding Godmother costume is due to the basic colors: black and white. Dresses these essential colors for the bridesmaids are forbidden, and this must be specified in the invitation to their special ceremony.

Black is avoided because we do not want any gaffe with bridesmaids dress alike. The little black dress is a style that looks good on everyone, and if allowed there are high chances of being chosen for more than one of these prominent ladies. And white, of course, is exclusive of the bride. Incidentally, the wedding etiquette states that the bride is the only white in the church, so that guidance can be passed to all guests.


The initial guidelines on how to dress the bridesmaids will leave the bride. It is she who chooses the length of the dresses, and the general tone of all the bridesmaids for your big day. So it is normal for a meeting before the event to clarify things like this, so let the bridesmaids choose to secure your dress within the standards presented.

If anything you’re told and you’re the godmother, ask the person closest to the bride, bridesmaid or to another for the bride herself, to avoid embarrassment to the feast. After receiving guidelines, depart for choosing a dress that you feel beautiful and very well. Avoid exaggerated necklines or openings, as well as many prints, glitter or any kind of tail. You can follow protocol and still come out beautiful in wedding photos.