Fastastics Travel Tips: Newcastle, England

Tourist Cities From UK: Visit Newcastle, The City Of Walls And Of Castles

The city of Newcastle in Newcastle located in the north of England, was founded in 1080 by the then Robert Curthose, eldest son of the well recognized by those lands, William the Conqueror. Robert decided to build a big strong in order to protect the lands of Northumbria, and commanded to build a modest gap on an ancient cemitério.A location was chosen due to its high quality strategic, since it would be possible to view the entry of intruders . All this, initially, was wooden and did not have a security as strong or intense as was desired. Already in 1168, the wooden fort was replaced by a grand and imposing building stone, next to the River Tyne, which went on to be known as NewCastle, naming the city NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE which is situated in the region today.

The major works of buildings, strengthening and development of what would become an imposing city were completed in the early thirteenth century. Thereafter, it was decided to only build on what already had protective walls surrounding the city to guard the castle. So it’s been getting new structures, making – the so imposing as it still is.

What will the city of Newcastle, for these reasons finds a grandeur of open-air museums, stairways, churches and various other monuments dating back to the Middle Ages and should be enjoyed with careful eyes, as the region where the city was founded, houses debris back to the ancient Romans.

Do not think, however, that there are only walls or staircases to be enjoyed by the city as they say people who are not properly informed about where they will visit or a long stay. There are numerous museums, several theaters, the Tyneside cinema as film, there is also the possibility of going to the Royal County Down Golf Club to play a round of golf enjoying the scenery, visit the Victoria Tunnel interesting facilities, walking by Longsands Beach, enjoy the architectural beauty of Grey Street, visit The Tyne Brigde, among many other historical sites and unforgettable landscapes. Plan your trip to NewCastle and good riddance!