What are Economic Blocs: Mercosur

Geography – International Organizations and Economic Blocks – Mercosur

The international covenants main purpose is to create organizations that make trade relations more dynamic, as well as the social and political relationships between its members. These initiatives exist in all parts of the globe, operating in the form of economic blocs, where countries can discuss the global economy, through rules and agreements that correspond to international trade, with groups of nations that tend to control the manufacture and sale of certain products, among others.

These blocs are usually formed with the goal of growth, evolution and less bureaucracy between its members, achieving a reduction or even elimination of tariffs and other benefits of the genre. Thus, the initiative enhances the import and export of goods between groups of countries that are part of it. While other organs, have other purposes, such as the Organization of American States that aims to ensure peace and security mainland and the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries that has the responsibility to control the production and export of oil.

Mercosur, for example, is one such organization that add Brazil in their group. Formed in 1991, the Southern Common Market is formed by Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela. Mercosur organs created to address topics of interest to all members, and the Council of the Common Market, the Common Market Group, the Trade Commission of MERCOSUR, the Mercosur Parliament and the Commission of Permanent Representatives of MERCOSUR, among others.

The training provided free movement of goods, services and products among members, through the reduction or elimination of export taxes and import, providing even the discussion of political, social and cultural rights, in addition to the free movement of capital, services and people ( as in the European Union) and other rights as the temporary residence of up to 2 years in countries that are part of the block, and there may be the possibility of the right to permanent residence. In addition to all these benefits, all countries can grow and evolve together, one always helping and adding value to each other.