Dogs Breed: Maltese

Dogs are human companionship and have domesticated at least 9500 years. According to surveys, most likely have originated from wolves, also mammals, and the Asian regions. From there, they were being taken to other places and came to be worshiped as well known as the best friends of men. Today, after successive crossings, there are over 200 species of dogs and one of them certainly can be chosen to be your lapdog.

And the case of Maltese dog, whose origin is somewhat controversial. Some claim that this breed had originated in Asia, but the most accepted version is that he would have arisen in Malta, hence its name. Although there is no certainty regarding the location of its origin, it is known that they are quite old: the first records of Maltese dogs date back at least 4,000 years BC, since on several paintings and prints this time, references were found about dogs Maltese.

Maltese dogs are small in size and can reach up to 25 cm tall and weighing up to 4 Kg, although healthy. The Maltese has a reddish pigmentation in the skin, and a very dense coat, silky, smooth and beautiful, but that is not coated with undercoat, and do not show the exchange, which is a great advantage compared to other breeds. Although the coloration of the coat of the Maltese is its main feature: pure white, bordering on an ivory deep. This breed also has well rounded and black eyes. The Maltese are drooping ears, which sometimes makes them be confused with their beards.

Maltese dogs come to live on average between 13 and 15 years if not present health problems. This in turn is very sensitive: they usually present several problems with allergies and renal dysfunction.

Docile, love interacting with their owners, and need lots of attention and fun, they are shaken well. Very smart, Maltese dogs are easily trained, do not like to be alone and often surprising people who are not in the circle routine of the house where they live.

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