All about Dogs: Beagle

The Beagle is a medium sized dog/small. He is totally gorgeous, but not totally obedient, so may not be suitable for first-time owners or people with no time, since educating this dog can be a bigger challenge than you might imagine. The breed can be considered somewhat noisy, but it is still very nice. Beagles are very kind and loving with children. Are generally quite healthy: love to walk through the streets accompanied by their owners.

Beagles are a breed already quite old, which was discovered at least many, many years since the end of the fifteenth century. His skills were hunts hares (for many centuries), and have been used against various prey in different countries of the world.

Among its key features is its the by . Notice that by the beagles are waterproof and require almost no kind of care more elaborate . As for the color of their coat , it may be bicolour or tricolor even with predominaĆ§Ć£o always white , but never completely white .

Among the main qualities of this breed, it is noteworthy that they are extremely docile, are great companions either for adults, youth, the elderly or children, friends are very affectionate, and have great health and mood even after old.

Among its major defects, we may mention that these dogs are rather destructive: love to knock the pads, shoes or any object that is just lying in the middle of the road, especially when they are puppies. Also, still have a personality not very obedient: they like to do what is comfortable.

And to top it off, the owner still leave hair standing with their disappearances: yes! They are very runaways. Love giving a getaway to explore the outside world, so if you want to adopt or buy a beagle, remember to close your home well and leave no opening to the street. Lock the pet in a kennel when you open the garage door to go out with the car, or attach a tab until everything is properly locked and secure.

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