Dog Breed: English Bulldog

Dog English Bulldog is known for its folds that always seem that he is overweight.

The dog is known to be very intelligent. Know then act as needed and acts of their owners. Nothing better than to unite intelligence with docility. A smart dog who knows how to use his hand docile to achieve their goals even more excited family.

All he does is to get attention and affection. It is a very affectionate dog and will use all possible methods to be serviced. Ie, is a dog that needs to have great company.

All this joy does not go against your courage. It is a brave and fearless dog and never be unfair to the owner, if not provoked. However, it is not as good as a guard. Normally it is not violent to unknown and will only be if openly challenged and beaten.

Even so, it can be considered as strong and sturdy. But will give you just a good company, since, as we have said, are usually calm, tranquility prioritizing the good fight.

His coat is thin, which makes it the highlight of their folds even more evident and that is simple careful with it. No need, then, of endless baths constant, so that it is clean. Typically weigh between 24 and 25 kg for males and 22 females and 24 for.

Although a companion dog, it is necessary that a few times, have a ride. Like to have a balanced life physically. No need to be all days and no long, but must be constant.

Worthy of admiration , it must be respected as a creature created by God. Taking care of your basics like food and health is only a small part. Must have great attention because it is a dog that excels in the company.

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