How to Decorating a Small Bathroom

If you think your small bathroom, and does not know how to organize it, has a few drawers and cabinets for storing towels and still many other things that should always be at hand. I would caprichar in decoration, have a room quite charming but on the reduced space and if you look discouraged.

Try not to worry about this with the following tips you will certainly discover how to take advantage of each corner to create a beautiful bathroom and organized.

Follow the advice of famous architects to follow to optimize the environment and still make it look even wider.

First look preferred by sliding doors both in boxing and in the cabinets and the entrance, leaving the area freer circulation.

Look also use wicker baskets to store small objects making better niche cabinets and shelves. They should increase the space and are quite charming. How about even find other inspirations? See more tips below.

First look opt for light colors, both in the choice of wall cladding, floor and in the dishwasher. This caution should give the impression that the environment is greater. No need to worry about how you will keep your bathroom more clear, simply use the cif bathroom Tiles and grouts that are clean and free of mold.

If mold is a serious problem in your home, you should follow the tips below to learn how to eliminate them.

Mirrors for example, are fantastic so they can give the impression that the area is larger. Look resort to this trick to coat closet doors or even a wall.

Avoid options boxes with many drawings, reliefs and details. Look for betting on smooth and transparent, which may provide a special lightness to your room.

So you can better enjoy the film, also seeks to replace the hygienic shower bidet.

The glass is a great alternative for small environments. Try to use shelves and sinks of this material which is certainly a good thing. With these tips you will have a bathroom more beautiful and larger than they really are.