How to Choose a Carpet for the Bedroom?

A house that does not have carpet, certainly has no soul. And as cool as your floor may be, it is important to have carpets in the living room and bedroom. For it will leave your home with a guy for real house. Most people have difficulties in choosing an ideal piece to match the rest of the furniture. Here’s how to buy the right carpet for some parts of your house, and where to use them and where to avoid.

In the living room for example, the greater the carpet you use, the more beautiful will be, although this attempt to take care not to eat the circulation space that is necessary to take back the furniture. It is ideal that the rug may become slightly larger than the surface which is occupied by furniture.

Whenever wonder if carpets must end before, after or under the couch, there is no rule for this, the three forms should be legal.
If you do not have a decorating project contractor, seek leave to buy rugs to perform last. When the parts do not need to be tailored, most stores usually let customers experience the same site. You should be able to choose the most appropriate rug for your environment, but nevertheless perform a test drive is much better.

There are several alternatives rugs on the market to suit every budget and every taste too, with prices ranging from $ 50 to $ 1,000 per square meter of carpet. Of natural or synthetic materials, with an excellent cost benefit.

An interesting tip for using carpet in rooms for example is to use models that are dark colors, soft and smoother, without many visual designs to leave a lighter, since the room is a place of rest you should feel comfortable and not feel a heavy atmosphere and loaded with colorful pictures, so it is quite interesting to note when choosing the ideal rug.