All about Cats: Breed Cats Abyssinians

Cats are mammals of the cat family, and are in contact with humans for at least 9500 years the researchers and animal experts. About this species, which has more than 200 varieties, there is also a number of ancient legends and myths. Cats were revered creatures by people in ancient cultures , such as Egyptian. Among the Egyptians, cats were considered gods, and if someone killed a specimen of this little animal, it is certain that it would be put to death such was the importance of this feline. Already in the Middle Ages, cats were associated with witchcraft and black magic.

However, the cats survived and survive all these types of associations and are among the most preferred species of people in time to have a pet at home. What if cats are the animals of your own, how about having a kitten Abyssinian home?

Abyssinian cats would probably have arisen in what is now the region of Ethiopia, and is considered among the species one of the oldest breed. Abyssinian cats are docile, loving, intelligent, learn everything very easily, and love the independence, as is customary among cats. The appearance of cats Abyssinian resembles the shapes of cats of ancient Egyptian sculptures. His head is shaped cuneiform, and with slightly rounded edges. The ears are large, wide and slightly pointed.

Abyssinian cats eyes are almond shaped, bright and very expressive, and may take the color yellow, green or amber. Your body is quite stretching, which confers great elegance, mainly by having an average size. His legs are long and thin, which contrasts with feet are very small. The tails of Abyssinian cats are very long and their coats are bedridden and can switch up the colors gray, red and silver.

Unlike other breeds of cats, much like jogging and, therefore, need some space. If you wish to have an Abyssinian cat, it is good that it is created in a house with a fenced yard and not in a small apartment. If the desire is really great to have an Abyssinian cat at home is important that he not be alone, because it requires a lot of company.

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