All About Cats Angora

One of the most beloved pets of man, cats are appreciated worldwide and diverse cultures from the ancient peoples, which were venerated as if possessed occult powers and magic. Cats have been domesticated for over 9,500 years and according to experts have originated in Asia and from there taken to various parts of Africa.

Belonging to the cat family, cats have different races, and among them approximately 200 species of cats Angora is one of the most appreciated to take home as a pet, they are from the region where Turkey is located and estimated that breed angora today is an artificial creation in relation to originating, since the angora cats have virtually disappeared from Europe in the Victorian period.

Playful, loving and very docile Angora cats have temper very easy to handle inside the houses. Coat extensive and semi – long, white in color, tricolor, black, blue and even turtle scale, have an average size, which means they are very stylish. Angora cats eyes are almond-shaped, and includes the colors green and blue, and in some cases may even be one of each color. Moreover, they have tufts of hair on their little ears. Angora cats usually make their own hygiene, because as is common in cats, have a roughness in their languages​​, used precisely for this purpose.
Angora cats are considered very active and, unlike other breeds, like to climb very high places, where they can observe their owners, who tend to be very attached, like a dog. The females, as well as between other types of cats, usually smaller than males, and the litters are not numerous, making it difficult to acquire a copy. If you are looking for a kitten to have in your apartment, Angora cats are perfect, because although they have a genetic search places freer when they are domesticated, prefer to stay in the lap of the owner, to go hunting around.


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