How to Care for Dogs Breed Poodle

Playful and considered an excellent companion for children, poodles are also known as Barbone and Poodle . It is one of the most popular breeds, intelligent, obedient and docile. The name derives from the German word “pudel”, which means “splashing in water”. It was from the late eighteenth century that this dog was no longer hunting for pets.

There are three types of poodle Giant: (45 to 60 cm), medium (35 to 45 cm), Thumbnail (27 to 35 cm) and the toy (less than 27 cm). The hair (curly , curly and soft) of poodles is abundant and will change color depending grows. The most common colors are: black, white, brown and gray. And the eyes can be black, brown or hazel.

Constantly alert and active, it is easy to learn. Besides basic care such as keeping containers with food and water, toys, cash and food, buy a leash and walking her poodle, you must train him when a puppy, needs to make the appropriate place. One can buy a solution in drops that releases an odor characteristic to ping the location where you want the animal to use as “bathroom”. He also quickly learn a few tricks. Just teach him.

The vaccination is crucial, even when the poodles are elderly, as immunity becomes lower and the probability of becoming ill is increased. The use of flea (monthly) and anthelmintic (quarterly) should also be kept up to date.

After the first vaccination, the puppy has to take for his first bath and grooming, which will be once a week at the pet shop or every 15 days at home. It is recommended to download the whole so that the next born stronger. As the poodles have a strong coat can be used all types of shampoos and conditioners. The trims are hygienic: the belly and butt, glasses (the removal of the burned region of the tear) and tuft. It should also trim ears, round and/or trim legs so that the toes are shown (facilitates cleaning and prevents the formation of mold) and round the pompom. Nails should be cut every month and not forgetting the fifth-finger.

The feed puppy is indicated by 1 year and two months and then goes up to super premium adult. From 7 years is important to the senior feed or anti-age with vitamins and proteins needed for that age. Poodles are genetically prone to eye cataracts, periodontitis and gastritis, and symptoms of anxiety and stress when they feel alone. Taking good care of the animals is an act of love.

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