Breeds of Dogs: Dalmatian

The Dalmatian and their remarkable spotting is undoubtedly the most distinctive and interesting race of all. Despite the apparent ancient origin, there is no evidence about the time and place where it arose. The name comes from Dalmatia, one site located in Yugoslavia, but is not sure he has been originated in the region. Even the original function of the breed is not known, however, the Dalmatian has been used for various functions and never ran out of an activity.

Among the main tasks given to these dogs, we can mention the dog fighting, dog traction beyond hunter of rats, and to finalize the dog circus. With all these options, its prominence as a carriage dog was in England: protecting the horses from attack by other dogs, and bring a lot of style to the arrangement, according to the side, in front or behind the carriage.

The Dalmatian also served as a carriage dog in fire trucks consist of horses. His intense collaboration in these different jobs always ensured that the race was seen as an option for pet dog and exposure. Its appearance in children’s films, such as the famous 101 Dalmatians, the alternative became a much loved pet in America.

Temperament of the Dalmatian is unique. Always ready to run many miles, the Dalmatian has an almost inexhaustible excitement. He is a very funny fellow, but impatient, they need a lot of exercise. He loves to run, gets along well with other animals that live in the same house with him, but loves to make friends, above all, with horses. It is suspicious of strangers and can be stubborn.

The deaf Dalmatians have behavior problems and therefore are not recommended for families with small children.

The Dalmatian needs exercise and attention: it needs much more than a simple walk on a leash. It’s a great companion races. The Dalmatian still need shelter, bed and companionship. The ideal is to create it at home, but let him play a lot in the yard. His calls for minimal care, just some brushing to remove loose hairs.

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