Breeds of Dogs: Border Collie

The Border Collie is considered the smartest dog in the world. It is no coincidence that we came across this race, all the time, on TV commercials, TV series and several movies. Besides extremely intelligent, are very friendly, obedient and beautiful .

Herding family and source of Britain, its original function was a shepherd. The Border Collies have an average size of up to 58 cm (maximum) and weighing up to 20 kg for males. The females can reach 53 cm in height and weigh up to 20 kg.

A brief history of the Border Collie breed is that he had the role of a shepherd in the past. Most dogs of this breed was very noisy, and bark used during labor, but it was still considered very obedient and knew to impose on the herd. The Border Collie has come to America already wowing sheep farmers with their ability to obedience and all their intelligence. In 1995, the AKC recognized the breed entered pro circle exhibitions.

The Border Collie is a dog that has amazing physical and mental energy. It is among the most intelligent breeds and more obedient ever seen, so a faithful companion and very loyal. He can focus on everything you do and wont face any challenge posed. Also is your instinct like to hunt other animals. He is still very suspicious and extremely protective, is very careful when it sees its owner or the space you live in situations where there are strangers around.

To take care of the Border Collie is necessary to know that few dogs are so focused on work, activities or exercises like him; since it is a dog that needs a job: he needs many physical and mental activities during everyday able to meet the needs of occupation. He still loves being in the company of family.

Among the hygienic care you need to know that your hair has special needs related to brushing or hairstyles, even if done only once or twice a week.

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