Birthday Party Ideas: Harry Potter Hogwarts

Kids Parties Harry Potter: What Such A Super Show In The World Of Magic Hogwarts?

Create an atmosphere of magic and mystery that refers to a different world we live in for a children’s party is a sought sensational and will certainly please both the birthday boy as guests. Thus, a good choice is to organize a party with magic shows in the wonderful world of Hogwarts and the famous boy wizard Harry Potter.

Created by British author JK Rowling, the Harry Potter saga was snatched success that fans worldwide. The series was made into a film, and virtually the entire plot takes place in a castle teaching magic to children witches, and tells the trajectory of orphan Harry Potter and his friends will fight against Voldemort, the greatest dark wizard of all times. Now, is or is not a big issue to be explored in a children’s party?

Kids love magic, stories of witches and wizards that take place in grand castles. Creating such an environment at a birthday party, will provide both the birthday boy as guests, the opportunity to live in a magical and playful throughout the development of the story created by British writer. The choice of theme can be made for both parties for girls and boys. Just at the beginning of the preparations, be commissioned to dress the birthday girl just like the one used by the students of Hogwarts.

Further, consider the decor of the place where the party will be held: arches inflated balloons in the colors of Gryffindor house – where you live the boy wizard – gold, black and red, at the entrance. A flock of balloons inflated with gas, to remember the candles that illuminate the castle should also be prepared. Remember to put fitilhos the ends of balloons for the kids can take them home after.

For the table, think of candy placed inside mini pumpkins, bowls with jelly, stuffed owls, tiny trees-can be stoats – artificial, many lollipops, chocolate frogs, and various mints, gum as much ber, so that remember the famous candy house visited by the characters in the story.

Hire a magic show – there are many professionals who make children’s events – to ensure the tone magical and very special party. Do not forget to spread the books in the series, is also pretty cool that during the event, are projected excerpts of the boy wizard films, also worth using the soundtrack from the first movie as background music. Everyone will love it!